Anyone wanna play a free MMO

Pearl Jammzz

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SOOOOOOO anyone wanna play a free MMO w/ me? EQ1 all the way up through the 6th expansion I believe. Lost Dungeons of Norrath I believe is the last one that works. Basically a grp of ppl got together and made their own EQ1 server....changed all the quests and zones and stuff around so it's new, but the same gameplay mechanics/spells/classes/abilities/races/etc. Fun but server population is a little low. about 400 ppl on when I play...but the world is smaller than EQ on sony's servers so it works. is the site and it's way fun. If you need help gettin EQ I can shot you where to download a free .exe....don't worry it's legal! all of it, even the place to get the exe to download it (some gamespy place or sumthin liek that has it....a free download to get you playin, a trial thing). Also, they took these guys to court I guess a few years ago....not these people specifically but the whole EQ1 emulation thing and it was proven legal. These guys aren't the first to do this but it's the most popular server (there are dozens out there) and have the highest population I said about 400 ppl on at any givin time.

So who wants to play? If so let me know and I'll help ya set it up and everything, it's easy as shit but the world can be daunting, lol.
That's some crazy stuff.. I used to play some EQ like hardcore, but it's far too time consuming(not too mention addicting) to jump back into it again.