Anyway to backup my VMU?


Ban Hammered
I just picked up Metal gear solid bleemcast cuz i have yet to play metal gear solid, and im a big fan of the older NES/MSX metal gear games but i never like playstation. Anyway, in order to save my game i have to format the VMU, but i have a few saves that i dont want to lose (DreamSNES Zelda, Skies of Arcadia, and a couple others). Is there a way i can backup these saves on my computer or otherwise without buying another vmu (im kinda broke right now)? or am i just going to have to wait until i can get another one?
I got one of the Dual-whatsits (ack cant remember the name)..

Kind of like a double-headed dex-drive for VMUs (holds 2 vmus at a time).. Works with the same software and link cable as the nexus card, which isnt all that great.. Parallel devices other than printers are positively unreliable under win2k.. Works great, though.. (even a built in hex and icon editor)
You can get a VMU box from HK. It acts like a storage box. You plug your VMU to it, and it can download data from the VMU to itself and save it for later. Even copy protected VMU files.