I figured I should give my real fish some competition. They're going to be so envious.

If you aren't sure what aquazone is, its an aquaruim sim, and I've been looking for a copy for awhile now. I just hope there's enough english where I can figure out how to feed them at least (its a Japanese game). I also got the option 2 disc (black mollies!)

Anyone know if theres any more option discs or do I have the whole collection (Aquazone+Aquazone option Disc2)?
According to Gamefaqs there are a few more.

AquaZone Option Disk Series: Angel Fish

AquaZone Option Disk Series: Black Molly

AquaZone Option Disk Series: Blue Emperor

AquaZone Option Disk Series: Clown Loach

AquaZone Option Disk Series: Rummy Nose
Ya, a few games use option disks/memory cards. One game a friend of mine has lets you format a Sega brand memory card from the extra disk so it can use voice data. When you play the game, you get to hear everyone speak and talk to you.
Hey Digdug:

those Aquazone discs... I actually had the eBay auctions on my watchlist but decided not to bid as I'm trying to save some money etc.
otherwise I would've outbid you LOL... but I digress.

No, what I wanna know is, how is Aquazone? Is it difficult to use (Japanese language)? How are the option discs used? (Does one carry a "saved game" back and forth between CDs?)

Is Aquazone anything like a game at all, or strictly a fish-tank simulation/screensaver sort of thing? How well does it do the job?

I really want to get my hands on it next time it shows up on eBay since it's so unique, but I wanted to hear a bit about it from you.