asshole kids

i'm not
Little fuckers round here think it's clever to steal and torch cars, throw things at windows, shout abuse at passers by, vandalise property etc. Cops don't do jack about it either, and even if they do some clueless, liberal judge just lets em off with a caution. We should have vigilante squads to beat the crap out of them in front of their little faggot friends. They'd soon think twice then.

That makes me sound harsh, but something really needs to be done...
ya ice i thought this would get you to make a post since you had somebody vandalize your car. Seriosly if only i was 15 again i'd tear into all the kids in my neigborhood. Back then i had a lot of anger and i was a lot more eager to do something radical about it.
summary of this thread:

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congratulations on making me care
lol! Nah, Sheffield, UK. Torched cars are pretty common round here, little bastards call themselves 'twocers' (Taking Without Owners Consent). Nicking peoples cars is bad enough, but I don't think there's any real need to set fire to them after they've had their fun.
with your description of the judges lettin em get off and such supersonic i was sure you were an aussie till i read down. Its the same here little fux get off coz they came from a rough home life or they used to get picked on at school or they wet the bed when they were 5 an it scared em for life lol.

Im all for bashin em senseless when they vandalize harrass the general public.

I can understand this thread being about wishful thinking. You wish you were fifteen again. You wish you could beat the shit out of those kids. Well im here to make wishes come true. The Hole in the Wall gang will gladly beat the shit out of those kids for you, contact Josh Griffith on AIM at... Gremsilentshadow, Supastang 3000, or Uberstang3000 for more information. We are currently linked to three Hagerstown Valley mall beatings, one shooting in the Frederick area, and three car vandalizations in Boonsboro. We will use baseball bats, handguns, boots, or plain old fists, its up to you. Id say this kind of thing would cost about two hundred dollars or so, plus travel fees. .....This is not a joke post.

Thx 4 the tip. I wouldnt be postin real names in case sum kid gets fukt^ in your area an they come lookin for a Josh Griffith or his friends after readin a post on here.

Havin said that im all for teachin the lil pricks a lesson as stated in previous post.
Life is simple bro... wait till dark, wear something to disguise who you are... and carry a baseball bat... end of story. Cops would never suspect a law abiding citizen of vigilante justice... just figure it is some teen punks getting revenge.