ATTEN: Archiver, RE: Snatcher Mp3s

Hi, Archiver. I just tried making a set of Snatcher Mp3s with the software you linked to.

I still don't see how your files ended up being only slightly above 40 megs. Mine are still well over 60!

Ok, here is exactly what I did:

-First, I ripped the CD tracks to WAVE files (16bit, 44.1, stereo) using Audioactive (I know you used Exact Audio Copy, but it should make little difference with WAVE files. And Audioactive is a bit faster).

-Then I converted to Mp3 using the LAME program you linked to. I just used command lines, no GUI. I converted to 192kbs, high quality (keeping the default joint stereo). My command line for LAME thus looked like this:

lame -b 192 -h "Snatcher XX.wav" "Snatcher XX.mp3"

When all was done, I was left with 20 Mp3s totaling 64 megs uncompressed. You say your set is under 45 megs? How? Would you mind going through what you did step-by-step? Many thanks.
Hi BAMMFrazer,

Actually, you're doing everything right. I wasn't clear on my post regarding the MP3s at

(from my 2nd to last post) "...There's a bad set of MK MP3s going around (again from elportal), they're ridden with skips thorughout many of the tracks. I do have the *original* disk now, and I've already ripped the tracks to 192kbps, they come to ~41MB rar/zipped."

I referred to them as the 'MK' MP3s because they are for Mortal Kombat, not Snatcher. I should have been less vague, and it was slightly OT, sorry for the confusion.

There is a switch you can turn on to create a 19.5kHz lowpass filter, to where it can *not* include (supposedly) inaudible frequencies, and it can save some space, though I don't know how well significant the space saved is - I haven't tried it with the Sega CD stuff.

the switch is --lowpass 19.5

For more info on the switch (and several others), check out (click on News, then on the tiny VBR: "--r3mix" [best quality & size matters] (r3mix??) link)

I haven't used the lowpass filter for my Sega CDs, but I do use it on my music discs, it's one switch of many used in the generic --r3mix command. I don't use --remix for Sega CD since it's a variable bitrate setting, to avoid any problems with emus (just to be safe) or any burners that can't handle burning VBR MP3s to CD audio.

What I use in Lame for Sega CD is a plain 192kbps "high quality" setting (the only reason I use EAC is for the error correction, since I buy some used stuff some of it can be troublesome to rip). EAC can serve as a frontend for Lame, where you can set some of Lame's compression switches, which is a desert topping of sorts ;) You're right, it's a slow mofo

Sorry about the confusion! I have been taking some screens shots of my settings, I'd like to do a detailed walk-through of how I'm doing it, as well as try and help with some of the common problems (people trying to burn ISO+mp3 discs with cue sheets from original .bin/cue dumps, etc), I hope to have something up this week.
So those crappy MK mp3s were from elportal? It figures. I thought I had burned it to cd too fast, but it's definitely the mp3 files.