Avatars and death

Yeah, MasterAkumamatata pmed me to say about the 'Geocities trick' but I'm buggered if I can get that to work. He said rename the file to *.txt but your profile only takes picture extensions. I'll keep messing on.. I'm determined now

Edit: I admit defeat and go back to the cutesy one. If anyone links from Geocities for their avatar let me know how to do it on here.. Maybe I'm being dumb. I have only just got up
Can't you see it now? Just says 'image hosted by angelfire'. Mine personal one works okay for a while then it stops linking to it so I have to revert to this one.
Email me your avatars and I'll toss them onto my webserver.

I'll email you back with the link to them so that you may link them in your profile.
Email it to me...


Just don't piss me off too much or you might end up with a picture that you probably don't wnat as your avatar

but seriously... yes cloud ill host yours
Well, if you want to, you can send me your avatar through email, and ill host it for you. But then again Cinni has already offered, and when a ladie offers you somthing, you should (in most cases) not decline