Bastard pirates


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Just won a few Gameboy Advance games on eBay from a guy in Australia, had them arrive and turn out to be pirate ones (albeit very very convincing, I could only tell from the slightly wonky Tactics Ogre manual). I read on Videogame Imports just after I won them that a lot of them are starting to filter through here from Hong Kong etc. I'm sure everyone's careful where eBay's concerned, but then again I thought I was ???.

Just letting you know to be extra cautious in case you're thinking of getting any games from overseas.
meh i wouldn't care if it was a pirate or not. I'm not one of those people who care about the authenticity of something or not. If it's fun, and it works, it's good enough for me.
That's all well and good if you know it's not authentic when you buy it, but not when it's sold to you as an official product.
yes i see what you mean. If you expect it to be what they indeed say it is, then that's what you expect to get. You should sue his aussie ass.
Thats why only North Amaricans pay so much for games like Metal Slug and Radiant Silvergun. For the rest of Asia, those games are pretty common (expecialy due to pirates). Not only that, some look quite authentic indeed.
Have you got back to the seller about the fact that they are pirate carts? If so, what did he or she say?

Where in Australia does this person live?
Because it would be too rude having it shove it up his arse. :

All I'm trying to say is that if it is still an unresolved issue, perhaps some local 'pressure' could be applied.
I can see the headlines now

"Visious Gang Leader Sodomises Bad Seller!"

"And in breaking news today, the leader of a underground Australian gang known only as "mal", today was arrested for the wanton interference of a member of the public. Inital reports suggest that the brutal attack was related to an eBay sale gone wrong..."

Originally posted by Cynnamin+Sep. 02 2002, 11:54 pm--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Cynnamin @ Sep. 02 2002, 11:54 pm)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-Gallstaff@Sep. 02 2002, 10:30 pm

why did he *eat* the dynamite?

because it looked like a cupcake[/b][/quote]

Think twice before accepting a cupcake from strangers.
Mal, I dunno where he lives because I payed with Paypal (obviously Paypal would know but you're not likely to get that out of them) and it only started looking a bit suspect after I won my auctions (and about twenty other people won stuff from him). The guy changed his user ID right after selling a load of items.

Someone who won another auction of his actually emailed me with the same suspicions before the games arrived so I'm obviously not alone. If there's a few duped people eBay or Paypal will probably have to do something about it.

Thanks for the offer, I'll lynch a dirty pommie for you one day
Have you got a link for the auction or the seller's ID?

If nothing else, it would be good to know who to avoid.

Curtis - sometimes you worry me.
Link to one of his closed auctions. You can see he unregistered himself after that lot of auctions closed and he's been through 3 user IDs since. The way he writes them is always the same, and looks kind of suspect in itself ('special deals'?), but I didn't think too much of it until about 5 minutes after the auction ended..
I found him. It wasn't hard. I just copied some of the text from the auction into ebay's search engine and 'Bingo'.

spdpds is the ID he's going by now.

Might see if I can have some fun with this...