bin/cue mode1/2352 ISO with Nero

I got an ISO bin/cue mode1/2352 and I simply can't make it work. The burning goes without errors with Nero, but the game dosen't works.

My Saturn doesn't show any error message (like "Game disk unsuitable for this system"), it just can read the audio track. The game is Soviet Strike.

What should I do to burn this game correctely? Also, my CDRW isn't supported by CDRwin, but works fine in Nero and CloneCD.

Someone help me, please!

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My english isn't good. Sorry.

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  • What method do you use to play backups? Do you perform the swap trick, or do you have your Saturn modded to play backups?
  • Soviet Strike is either USA/Canada or Japanese country code according to GameFAQs; did you use SatConv to convert the country code (to match your Saturn's region code) on the BIN file before burning? (assuming you have a Brazilian Saturn)
  • Is this the only backup game you're having trouble with? Have you tried other backup games with success?
  • Since you wrote that you have a CD-RW drive, did you burn Soviet Strike to CD-RW? (It's a silly question, I know ;))
- My Saturn is moded; works both with Us and Japan games;

- I tried with Satconv too, after the first fail;

- All the others backups worked fine, but all the others was mode1/2048 ISOs;

- The backups were made in a normal CDR (Acer Media); Also, I've made the laser power adjustment in my Saturn(described in Miscellaneous section) and now it reads both CDR and CDRW.