Burning a mis-ripped image

Ok, the newsgroup that I got this from says that it was his first Saturn rip, and that he might have done it wrong.

And he was right.

The game boots to the SEGA screen, and it even starts the game and says Now Loading, but then it quits to the bios screen with the cd spinning VERY fast.

Any ideas? I still have the burned cd but not the ISO anymore.


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all I can say is how can you mis-rip a game unless you haven't the foggiest clue what you're doing?

what game is it?
It's easier than you think to mis-rip a disc. For example, when you rip a Sega CD disc with Alcohol 120%, it indexes the audio tracks wrong. If you try to rip and burn a Sega CD game with the Blindwrite suite, it turns out bad. Someday I'd like to test all the ripping software available to see what actually produces working images and burns.

Akuma, it's probably not worth all the work you'd have to do in order to have a chance at saving it. For one thing, the data on the disc is most likely different (if only slightly) than the image you started with anyway. If you insist on trying to save it, the first thing I'd suggest is find someone with an original disc, or a good, unburned image of an original disc, and get the table of contents for the game and compare it to the disc you have.
CloneCD has always worked best for me, in terms of ripping at least. I've never had a mis-ripped game using it. CDRWIN doesn't even work on Windows ME, which is beyond me, but it won't rip anything. As for the rest, I know DiscJuggler burns images well, and the newest (note, NEWEST) version of Fireburner is good for analyzing tracks and burning BIN/WAVE games.


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hehe Windows ME is the biggest piece of crap

anyway, I used CDRWin with no problems on Win98, 2K, and XP
I just played the intro, the game looks like its something terrible if the intro is any indication of the work they put into the game, I dont think ill bother to fix it if its that much trouble.

Assult Suit Lenos 2


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Is that the game? I thought it might have been something rare to warrant that much effort. I believe at least one of the FTPs has it.