Burning Question (please be patient)

Hey People,

I've had a Sega CD since version 2.0 came out. I've really enjoyed it and only recently found the FTP avenue of checking out games I have not played.

I'm having problems burning Lunar: TSS. I can enter the first "Lunar" title screen properly, but before the animated title screen begins, it's as if the cd tries to read, and then I get a black screen. All the audio tracks appear properly, and I've tried burning with CDRWin and Nero. I'm wondering if perhaps my cue sheet is incorrect. I've been generating it with sega cue maker. I removed the Lunar_000 file, but I don't know what else to try. I would appreciate any help!


anyone else who reads this thread and hates ez-cd 95 as much as i do (because it just dont work on 2k for most of us even with the lil 'hack' of it).. fireburner does the job nicely.. drag all your tracks onto the lil box, click record, pick Track-At-Once.. and thats that.. even seems fairly stable extracting mp3 on the fly for the burns..