Burning Rangers

This is one game that I haven't really had time to get into, but really wanted to.  So far I've played the tutorial and was quite pleasantly surprised by the in-game detail.  Cool concept too  
Got this game a while ago but I'm refusing to play it until I get a 3d controller.. The d-pad control feels really awkward. Even though it adds to the cool library of Saturn-exclusive games, I can't help wishing it came out on the Dreamcast. The DC could've really used a game like that and it seems to push the Saturn a bit far sometimes.

Very cool concept though.
I looked forward to getting this title for some time, and when I finaly did manage to snag a copy, I was immensly dissapointed. The grafics consisted of low resolution, jittery polygons that had a tendancy to drop out and disapear at random. 60-70% of the game you were engulfed by flames made out of pixel-rific reds and oranges, even when you were under water the pixily flames would chase you to no end.

Then we have the controls. They realy arn't that bad except for one little thing: Auto-jump. I don't know about the other people here that have played BR, but to me that was one of the most annoying things about the game, causing me to die numerous unnecesary times.

After that, lets talk about the acting. This game has some of the lamest acting to ever grace a game, I figure this is due to a shody translation that was meant to appeal to western gamers, which means saying things like "chil out" durring cinematics is normal for this game.

Durring the course of the game you must also resque victims people from the fire, wich unfortunatly also turns into an annoyance due to the shody acting.

Next comes the music and sound effects. While as the sound effects actualy arn't half bad, the music is. You don't have to through any more then the opening cinema to realize that this games tunes were entirly un-inspired. Durring that particular cinematic (the opening) the word "burning rangers" is said a total of eight times, and note that it is only a 1 minute and 23 second video clip.

Last but not least we have Long livity and replayability. The game is short, only a total of four levels, none of wich take a particularly long time to beat (20-40 minutes). It does however have some replayability, as once you have completed the game, depending on who you complete it with, you unlock a secret character.

After saying all this, their are three things I have left to say: (1.) I should have made this a review.

(2.) If I were to give the game a rating it would be around 6/10

& (3.) It had a good concept, but it needed more time to be executed properly. I would hope they re-try this concep in a sequil, it has some potential.

And thats my thoughts on Burning Rangers.
Yeah, it is a bit dissappointing given it's reputation. Like I said, it could've been amazing on DC.
Great game, but "The Firemen" for the SNES is still the best fireman game ever... putting out fires with a laser just seems a little strange...

But it's probably the best 3D adventure game for the Saturn, and it has endless replay value (sort of) with the randomness after you complete it once.
Here are some reasons why i think this game is great:

You are always on your toes in this game. I like the way the pressure level is always rising, with a chain reaction of explosions beginning if your not quick enough to put out all the fires in your path.

The game is short with there only being 4 levels, but once the game is completed the levels from then on are randomly generated meaning there is a different route through the levels everytime you play.

Finding all the people to rescue increases the longevity of the game by a huge amount and i really liked the way you recieved mail from the people you rescued, some containing hidden codes or artwork. To this day i've yet to rescue all of the people in the game. Did anyone manage to find the members of Sonic Team or Claris from NiGHTS?

I agree that the opening theme is far too cheesy to be enjoyable, but i think the in game music is not bad at all. I especially like the end boss them (had that one in my head for a long time after hearing it).

I really enjoyed this game and, at least for me, the gameplay is up to the standard i've come to expect from Sonic Team. In my opinion this game was let down only by the graphical limitations of the Saturn.
I like this game. I like the pop music, and the chars.

The controls are very responsive, which I felt very special on those "tomb raider" and other Mario64 clones. While the camera angles sometimes leaves you blind (specially when jumping backwards) I feel it was pretty ok for those years.

But i'd like you to know i never finished this game. After the 2 first levels I had enough of it. But everyone should try it.

They should have added some techno beats to the levels. Listening just steppings and explosions is boring.

I completely agree a DC version would be great.
This is one of the best action games ever! Fantastic Gfx, ok, there is some clipping and such, but you wont have time to notice when your in the heat. The concept is one of the coolest ever and the Anime sequenses are great. The whole futuristic style of the game is amazing and there is almost endless replay value. I know some people might disagree with me, but i love this game. It has some flaws, but the good more than makes up for it!
The reason there is hardly any in game music is because it would of probably drowned out the voice navigation feature and the pressure sound which alerts you when there is about to be an explosion.
Sorry but i really dont like this game. I forked out alot for the PAL version of this after hearing alot of hype about it but i can honestly say that i dont like it on many levels.

1. The graphics arent really that good, i know that it shouldnt be about the graphics but i think that i really detracted from the game play as i was always thinking about how crap it looked and how the colors were all to bright.

2. Secondly i thought that it is hard to navigate at time especially when your trying to jump onto ledges that are above you. Sometimes the camera angle makes it next to impossible.

However i did think that it had good sounds, despite the saturn lacking good hardware audio compression. Good concept but let down by average graphics.

I think he's trying to state how crappy and pixily the fires were, as well as how most of the time they were covering the screen. Thats just a guess on my part though.


"saturn lacking good hardware audio compression"? I believe your thinking of video compression, as the saturns audio is most certainly on par with that of any other systems of that generation (PSX/N64). Play Panzer Dragoon Saga for a good example.
I think it's a great game. I actually bought an original after getting it on CDR...

Maybe the graphics aren't the best, but it's a great concept and I can quite easily suspend my disbelief with this one.
To add my 2¢, I agree with much of Fabrizo says. The in game graphics, although highly ambitious, turned out quite pixelated and the frame rate was pretty aweful much of the time.

The English voice acting was quite good IMO (with the exception of the victims... what's going on there?!) when compared to other similar translations. Nothing ever really comes close to the original Japanese voice acting, but it was a fair effort.

With the exception of the rather temperamental camera, and getting used to the auto jump, the controls felt good to me. I've never played it on a standard digital pad, but it's great with the 3D pad.

As far as playability goes (Fabrizo, what the hell is "Long livity"?!), I think this title really shines. Despite what this game lacks in graphics and other elements of presentation, I found it extremely addictive and quite a challenge, even with the relatively few levels.

And for that reason, I'd recommend this to every Saturn fan out there who hasn't managed to play it yet.

A DC version would no doubt have brought it up to a nearly perfect score IMO... now that that's no longer possible, I just hope Sonic Team don't let this one rust in their archives...
Long Livity = How well it should be able to stand the test of time/if it will be able to be enjoyed years from now/how long you will be able to play it before it becomes repetitive or otherwise not enjoyable.
Did you mean longevity?


\Lon*gev"i*ty\, n. [L. longaevitas.] Long duration of life; length of life.

Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.