Burning Saturn as Self Boot???

Just womndering if it is possible to burn saturns the same as a DC game to make them self booting?

Anyone wan to try this and get back to me?

No it isn't possible... Not unless you have a commercial presser, and then that defeats the purpose of even burning games... Because you could then just buy a million games for the same amount of money.
i hear those new yamaha cdrw drives that can burn text on to the outer edge of a cd can copy a security ring

Here we go again... the yamaha burner messages are cyclic..

The security track can't be read by any comercial cd-rom/burner ... And if you can't read something how would you write it without having a clue of what it is... besides what can be seen by an human eye...
Originally posted by Jaded God@Mar 10, 2003 @ 11:26 PM

...Not unless you have a commercial presser...

There are problems with that theory too. Even the Asian piracy industry wasn't able to replicate the security ring - HK silvers still require a modboard to work.
Would it be possible to hack the security code so that you could burn it onto every game you copy?

Ohh and Curtis I'll be sending you that money for that CD board this week
To hack it, you'd need to be able to read it - nobody has done this yet.

I was wondering about that money...
Originally posted by sizone@Mar 10, 2003 @ 04:58 PM

i hear those new yamaha cdrw drives that can burn text on to the outer edge of a cd can copy a security ring

There had to be one.
AUUGH!!! Please - just lock this thread before someone gets seriously hurt!!! I can't take the Yamaha crap no more!!!
I hate it when I get an irrefutable response like what sizone said.
And, er, gee, thanks for helping him Curtis

OK, so yeah, let's all start burning Saturn games with two sessions and see if they boot on an unmodded system, ja?
Let's just do it, ja? See where we end up, ja? :smash
OK, you do that and I'll talk to a friend about getting a Yamaha burner that can put pretty patterns on the bottom of a disc - then we'll have something.
Unless the burner had some kind of visual recognition system, it's impossible, because the security ring contains no data pertaining to it, how it looks or works. The only real way to create a self bootable CD is to wait until the Saturn is emulated, which hasn't been done yet. So time is the only thing that may remedy this problem.
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