Burning soldier

I am posting this here as it will be of most interest to 3DO owners. I recently purchased a box of about 200 used games w/25 used games for 3DO included. I find that I have an extra copy of Burning Soldier. It's used but good condition w/manual. Any of you regular members (ie. someone who is not really fresh meat) need it? This is not a sale. I will send it too you, at my cost if you are in the states or canada. This is also not a trade. Just a serious collector sharing the wealth. respond and I will provide an email for further contact. If you are outside the US or Canada I will have to look into mail costs before I decide.
Proof positive sometimes you can make a good impression with people, even in a digital manner. I already wrote you off as a nice fellow, but sheesh, this takes the cake. Somebody take him up on the offer already!
Ive never played this game ill take it

How did you come across a big box of games like that?

If your serious thanks
I'm serious. Email me at peallen39@hotmail.com with an address to mail it to.

As I said above, I'm a serious collector with almost every system that has been released going back to pong and for many systems (ie atari 2600, 5200, 7800, colecovision, intellevision, channel f, rca studio II, astrocaid 2000, oddessey I & II, Vectrex, NES I have been able to obtain all known released games. Still searching for mastesystem, Genesis, Saturn, DC games.) I have very good connections in the local new/used video game market. Lots of store owners and managers looking for games and systems for me. I do them favors, providing gaming info, and they do me favors, letting me know when a game or system has come in. And because I buy a lot, they give me good discounts. They make money, just not as much as they would from regular retail. Hope his doesn't sound like bragging as much as how to get in good w/store managers/owners and build your own collection.
I always verbally assualt the video game store workers .

Just kidding I do negoiate though . Pretty sad Ive been frequenting the same game store for I dunno 13 years and I dont think any of the people there know me except maybe the owner and his wife . I don't think they like me either . Oh well .

Wow you must have a mansion filled with games !
Just a regular size home but no kids so the extra bedrooms come in handy for my hobbies. Most are in storage. I just keep lists of what i have, around. I only keep 4 systems out and yes one is the 3DO. Very unique system, way ahead of its time. I think the graphics still beat the psn hands down. Still working on getting all the games for it but other than the net, they are getting hard to find, especially locally.

By the way, got your email. Will get it out to you this coming week.
Xavier, I will mail this to you tomorrow, Wednesday. Sorry but unable to get to the post office any sooner. Hopefully you should receive it by the weekend or Monday at the latest. You'll like it. It's a space shooter.
Ok , never played it never seen it but im excited .

Again let me know what remaining games your looking for and Ill try to let you know some companies that may have them used or new
Hey thanks I got this game today , I played it to level five .

It reminds me of Pyramid Patrol or sewer shark .

Wow its in really good shape 2 .