can you help me with x-mas nights??!!!

ogami ichiro

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well, here is the problem.

the other day i download x-mas nights, so i was very happy (yea....when you have a 56k modem and you down a game of that

BUT, then when i try to open the files 3-27

a little message appears, and that message is: (if i open ej. the file mark as r03)

C:/mis documentos/sega saturn/info/xmas_nights.r03

the archive is either is unknown format or damaged

well, i down the archive complete (and that happen to all files so thats a total of 450 megas or some )

so....what i can do, i cant down the whole game again

and if this files dont work.......well....i say goodbye to x mas nights.......(whyyyyyy ahhhhhhh)

so just one more thing HELP!!!!!!!!


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If you got the game for and your using winrar to open the files it may not be a bad file. I tried obening Baroque with winrar and it wouldn't work, but when I used winace the file extracted fine.

ogami ichiro

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mmm i try with winace but didnt work

i guess i should obtain x-mas nights in that page that fabrizo say

but one more question

are they any diference between the europe version and the american version

and if i play in my american sega saturn the game run at the same frame rate??


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BUT, then when i try to open the files 3-27 a little message appears, and that message is: (if i open ej. the file mark as r03)

You aren't supposed to open them. you ONLY open and extract the very first file, which should be named .rar. winrar will then automatically extract the complete iso from all files belonging to the archive.


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Baroque and Christmas NiGHTS from Rysley's SegaSaturn iSO are both self-extracting WinACE files (i.e., first file is .EXE). Therefore, WinACE is not required for extracting.

As for SFV files, I've already told Rysley on this thread that he should include an SFV for those releases. I still don't see SFV files there, so I guess he hasn't inlcuded them yet.

ogami ichiro: If the place where you first downloaded the files from can still be accessed, I recommend you going back there to see if it provided an SFV file. If you can get that, run an SFV check (using WinSFV for example) and it'll tell you which file is corrupt (given that the SFV file is good, of course) so that you know which file(s) you need to re-download. If you can't get an SFV file from there, then go download a new batch from Rysley's SegaSaturn iSO.