Christmas Nights

How many copies of Christmas Nights were printed out in compairison to the regular Nights? Everytime I see a list of favorite Saturn games, I always see Christmas Nights. So I was just wondering how many there are in existence (legal, that is).

Also, how did everyone get thier hands on them? I waitied until after Christmas, and went to Blockbuster to buy it for 5 bucks.
There were actually quite a lot of these discs made. Unfortunately I bet a bunch of them were thrown out. They were given out in every copy Ultra Game Players and another magazine (I forget the name) one month which I'm sure would place the number produced around 200,000 or so. But like I said, since a lot of people getting the magazine didn't have a Saturn, I'm sure a lot of the Xmas Nights discs were thrown out which is why the number of discs actually floating around is so much lower. I'm just glad I was working at EB at the time so I got four or five discs for free from these mags when it came time to throw them out. :)
it was given away with the offical sega saturn magazine over here afaik (uk)

also on a seperate note you will probabbly see a lot of pds discs 1's floating around on the euro side of ebay, since that was given away with the saturn mag as well ( just the first cd that is)
It was given away in Ultra Game Players? I didn't hear of that one, but I know it was given away in Next Generation, that's how I got mine.
I got mine with the UK Saturn Magazine as well ;)

Given its freebie status I'd imagine it's more common than the regular Nights.

Speaking of which, my friend says all the releases of Christmas Nights were Sampler disks. That would make sense as it's just a themed release, but I just want to verify... Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Yeah all the releases of Christmas Nights were Samplers. It's a really fun sampler game with only a few levels, but you can unlock a bunch of cool things for those levels. I'd have to say it's a great game especially for the price ;)
take out your battery of the saturn, the turn it on, change the date to christmas, but in x-mas nights and watch what happens...
I have a code book and it has a few dates you can change it to for Christmas Nights. I'm not sure if the year has to be this, but here's the dates:

1/1/1997 - Happy New Year

12/12/2099 - Nuclear Winter

12/25/1996 - Santa Cameo

2/14/1997 - Valentine's Day

4/1/1997 - Play as Reala
I don't think I've tried that one. Guess I know what I'm going to do now :)

A couple minutes later: it doesn't do too much, just changes the color to purple.

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