Cleaning an SNES


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Hey guys, I just got my SNES with nine games today, and the cart port in the console is very dirty. Is there a way I can clean it, without having to buy anything (SNES Cleaning Kit)?
well, you can clean one of your games with pure alcohol, then insert it into your snes - repeat multiple times and it'll get a lot better
I am the master at cleaning SNESs!
Take a shishkabob (sp?) spear holder thing... And put GooGone on a bounty paper towel and rap a little piece of it around the stick of the shishkabob holder. Scrub away inside the SNES
It will work perfectly... Next take a vacuum and suck that stuff out with an attachment
Googone by the way works so good on everything outside the snes and awesome on games... Yea they may smell citrusy for a little while but I swear Googone is my best friend

This is how you make games from places such as GameStop aka Funcoland brand new
How would I clean my games with pure alcohol? Take a cue tip, soak it in alcohol, then scrub along the chip at the bottom of the cart? Oh yeah, Jaded God, I don't know if I have one of those shishkabob things, if I don't what do you recommend I use to clean it out? Oh yeah, don't have any GooGone, I have this stuff called Oops! that I guess is the same as GooGone. Hm....
Well if you dont have a shishkabob stick thing just find a relatively long spear type skinny object that has a point that you could wrap or push a piece of paper towel on.