CloneCD and CDmage


I've been saving CloneCD images of Sega CD games to my HD. Today I heard about CDmage and decided to try it. I scanned for corruption and it detected 150 corrupted sectors in all my images and always at the end of the first track (unless the game has only one track). The program says the sectors are empty. I think this must be normal because according to the faq on the CDmage site "Some CD ripping apps (CloneCD, BlindRead...) let you make working copy of your legally owned software. If copied software is copy protected, then it's image files can contain intentional corruptions. Repairing of them would cause a non-working copy when burned." Can anyone confirm this? Should I repair the sectors?



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Well, I can take away your worries...You're right, there are 150 weird sectors at the end of the first track of each Saturn CD...That's completely normal and SUPPOSED to be this way! When you write your images back to CD they'll work perfectly.

I still haven't figured out why it is that there's 150 blank sectors between tracks 1 (iso) and 2 (audio), but it does trip up CDmage... it is correct in reporting this as an error as it isn't quite the standard CD-ROM spec, I think... however Saturn games need these blocks in order to work.

Incidentally, 150 sectors equals 2 seconds, and if you ever look at a cuesheet for an iso/wav set (one made by Sega Cue Maker) for example, you'll see that Track 1 includes a POSTGAP of 2 seconds and Track 2 a PREGAP of 2 seconds. (the postgap and pregap cover the same 2 seconds, they do not add up to 4 seconds). Now you know why. :)

Again, your image files are completely fine. Do *not* repair them, because that will probably break them instead.