college kicks ass

2 nights in, and I already feel that gettin in at 4 am is a fuckin waste of a good night. and for that little bit of irony, I've spent the last 2 nights partying with this hot ass junior who led my orientation group... and was the one telling us we shouldn't party!

god bless college... University of Illinois kicks ass, man.
caelestis here's some advice 151 is cheep and it gets you drunk it's the most cost efficient thing to buy on a college budget. get yourself some hawian punch and just drink it with that if you dont want to drink it straight.

(joe's plan for this year at college, become that guy that offers girls alcohol for sex but not to be known as that guy that offers girls alcohol for sex)
Joe, don't you worry... I'm Irish, I know my alcohol.

Apparently I didn't handle it too well though... cause I still can't remember when I woulda posted that.
hey, i'm irish and i resent that statement. It's irish people like you that promote the stereotype that all irish people are alcoholics. now i'm going to go get me some corn beef and cabage and drink down me guiness.
Alright, I'm taking bets. Who do you think is going to come back first with "my life is empty and this sucks" posts? Cael or Joe?
:agree yep

but what ever the fuck lol it's all good(at least this time i'll be on anti depressents while at school)


twins oh ya


new hot girl roomate of friends wooooooowhoooooooooooooo

spent 60 dollars on alcohol today bought jager, rumple minze, and 151 yes i'll soon be off the wagon and making drunkin posts again
Well I just started school yesterday if it matters and I have to say, this year is setting up to be most trimpuhant. Tons of fine new honnies and I got like 3 classes a day. I got 3 hour and a half classes then one 30 minuete lunch period and one 10 minuete lunch period. In between I have 3 ten minute breaks and a 40 minuete study hall. It's insanity. I love it.