Connecting my dreamcast to my pc

Basically, I would like to connect my DC to my PC, to be able to keep my saved games - I only have 2 memory cards, and I have to wipe out the old saved games to make place for the new. However, I'd love to archive them (I got some save game errors and lost a good part of my progession through Skies of Arcadia thanks to this

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thank you,
Thank you

Unfortunately, I have no Internet connection at home, and all I want is to be able to move the VMU's content to and from the PC. I'm not even sure I could save the VMU content on an FTP, were I able to access it
only other ways:

- buy a Nexus 4x VMU with PC link

- buy/build a Serial cable, burn the memcard manager software, and transfer the files