Conspiracy against me

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There is a conspiracy against me going again... Look at my user status its all in messed up text, I know it is chinese or japanese symbols because it means I dont have the downloaded font...

I have been PMing Mal atleast 5 times previously about random things and I have yet to get a response to any of them it has been a week, and Mal has been on and would have responded..

Also, my posts are getting deleted when I did nothing wrong.
I see what you mean about your title. I'm guessing that it stems from the whole chinese character/sig pic thing. I wonder who would have done that...

I think I've replied to all you PMs eventually.

If there's something I've missed, please remind me.

Which threads have these posts been deleted from?
I posted in the japanese kanji thread the modchip one, and Mal I didnt say anything offensive and it was deleted :-/

I have sent you over 5 pm's too in the past week your telling me you got none of them?

See someone is deleting the PM's I send to you Mal, this is scarying me and also not fair


See I have also been noticing something, Everytime I post it takes like 2 posts for it to count as one to my posting number status... It just said 359 posts on my last post and now I just posted and it says 359 still... It should be 360.

Mal if you can help solve this buddy I would be glad.
Originally posted by racketboy@Apr 18, 2003 @ 04:05 PM

Its the Sega Boogy Man!

Be Afraid!


ROFLOL! :biglaugh

although i have the Jap symbols installed on my pc...and tryed to use a line of txt in japanese as my sig.....and it looked the same (or very similar)
Sounds like your account its finikey(sp?). Might be easier to delete your account and creat the same account again with all the postcount and info that it already has? Want to give it a shot?

It's not japanese or chinese or anything like that, its messed up characters, means theres something wrong with the account
Originally posted by IceMan2k@Apr 18, 2003 @ 08:05 PM

It's not japanese or chinese or anything like that, its messed up characters, means theres something wrong with the account

well it had me fooled, tho thats not hard........

Gee, I wonder how that happend... Thats the darndist thing.... I guess Ice should secure his box's more.

PS: Many coding schemes use Ascii Characters to represent other characters and then overlay them (Hiding the ascii). So such things are normal to see without a decoder running. Unicode however shows up as "?" since its actualy a character code. But on SX, almost nothing is supported outside english.
I highly doubt this was coincedence since it only happened to me <_<

Anyways yea Ice go ahead and just make me a new account with the same post count and such.
Your title says ¾ÙÉúÊÐÌìÊÐ ½ìÐÐÊÐ (i.e., jaded god)


[*]Chinese Simplified (GB2312)

[*]Chinese Simplified (HZ)


If you had the right chinese character set installed, you would be seeing the same chinese that you have in your sig image. Nobody is messing with you for the sake of messing with you. One of the admins must've thought they were doing something cool for you. Relax, don't be so paranoid.
I wouldn't think the admins would do it without letting me know...

Just to let you know Vertigo there has been issues in the past with stuff like this and my post counts aren't changing... They are going down when I post then going up when I post more than twice.
Don't worry about your post count. That's usualy a cache problem when it doesn't refresh right away. For someone to be messing with you there, they would have to be monitering the board all the time, altering your count the moment you post, then altering it back the moment you make your next post. Worst case scenario here, the delay is being caused by Ice's server not updating your post count in the user database fast enough (which is one of the last things the program does when you post, and may not be getting done by the time your browser refreshes to the thread page).

And if I remember correctly, the admins you had a conflict with are no longer admins here.