convert bin/cue to iso/cue

Ok I'm about to have a mental breakdown over this...

I have: cue/bin but can't burn it. I have had great success with cue/iso and or cue/iso/mp3.

Is there a program that I can just point at my cue/bin to convert to a useable format? I've been messing with this for like an hour, I've been using the demo of nero and when I give it the cue file it spits out an error message because it hates the bin. From what I understand, bin files are built for cdrwin which is not an option for me hence my complete frustration.

:damn: :damn: :damn:

Can anyone point me in the right direction? (cue/bin is for saturn btw)


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What is the exact error message that you're getting from Nero? Show us your cue sheet. Also, have you tried using CDRWin? To convert BIN+CUE to ISO+WAV, you can use CDmage.

TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

INDEX 01 00:00:00


PREGAP 00:02:00

INDEX 01 60:59:23


INDEX 00 61:07:60

INDEX 01 61:09:60

I tried Cdmage, couldn't figure out how to convert with it. I think I may have had the wrong version. I got the current version not the beta. Maybe I should try the beta.

Need to reinstall nero demo b/c it just expired but basically it told me that the bin was an unexpected format.

I also don't know jack about these cue files. If I do sucessfully convert would I need to do anything to the cue other than change the ".bin" extention to a ".cue"?
Now I have the beta ver of cdmage. I open the cue with it and go to save as thinking I can save as a nero compatable version. But the only format available to save as is "cdrwin and fireburner cue sheet file".

I have a feeling this is very simple and I'm just missing something...
Ok.... Now I'm completely screwed. I uninstalled the nero demo so I redownload it and get another 2 free days but the demo is now gone from the site. (says it will return soon)


"ASPI manager not found on system" or something like that. It also does not recognize that my pc has a cd burner. I did choose to install the included drivers during setup...
More specifically, I'm looking in the options section of cdrwin.

It detects my drive as a "reader". When I go to the "recorder" tab it says there are no supported devices installed. However my drive that is being detected as a reader is listed on the site as a supported drive. wtf...
The aspi driver is installed and seems to be ok. It's just not detecting my drive properly. It's detected as a read only drive.


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Originally posted by NR Pickle@Sep 1, 2003 @ 12:22 PM

The aspi driver is installed and seems to be ok. It's just not detecting my drive properly.

Yeah, seems to work great.