Cowboy Bebop


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I'm not very big into anime - I try to watch some of the majors, like Akira, Princess Mononoke, Jin-Roh (excellent, excellent, never seen an anime like it), but Cowboy Bebop really grabbed me. I got the crappy "perfect sessions" dvd so that I could watch the entire run of it - later I plan to buy the separate episodes. But what I really liked were the dubs. I tried watching it in japanese but for some reason it didn't seem right. This show had some obvious western and american influences, influences done really well. I feel that the english dub actually complimented the series. Am I wrong, or is Edward's voice one of the Rugrats? I can recognize Wendee Lee instantly, and this is some of her better work. Overall, really good translation and some well written dialog. What do you guys think?


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Im not a crazy anime person, but I recently gotten into, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, and Inuyasha.

I preferred the subed versions myself. Im not sure why...


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(this post must be properly read in the Comic Book Guy voice from the Simpsons)

Best... Dub... Ever... !


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I've watched the dub. Dub is rather good in this case.


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The dub is one of the better ones for a change, which is highly unusual as most companies try to westernise the dialogue and take away anything that might annoy joe public. This often the case apart from DBZ where i have genuine reports that the original script is actually worse than the dub


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The dub is the best ive ever heard! I love it!

BTW: I have about 10 eps captured from tv of the dub.

Ima gonna get em all. They look nice for a TV capture

(they should it takes about 24hrs to do one ep from

capture to the end of the filtering and compressing.)

P.P.S. Im also doing Inuyahsa and Trigun the trigun dub has good translation

but the acting isint to great till about halfway into the series and I think that

the Inuyasha dub is quite good as dubs go.

EDIT: Please don't talk about sharing anime rips