DC will run copied games

Pearl Jammzz

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My DC can play copies just fine but can't play a real game. it reconises what game the origional game is cuz when I go into CD player it shows the disc of the game. but the damn thing wont run!. What's my prob/solution pplz?
goes to the licensed by sega screen then back to the main menu with the 4 icons. When I go into the CD player it shows the game disc....
the games r ok, they run on my friend's DC fine. I can get all but 2 of my games to work now. JGR and Seaman. These work fine on my friend's DC.
i assume your dc is in reasonable condition? any dust build up on the laser etc?

gd's are effected by the tinyest of scratches, my sonic adventure is slightly scratched and has the same problems you are describing. i just give it a go with some cd cleaner and it usaully boots after a couple of trys. strange thing is it will continue to work first time for ages then it will stop again.

if all fails dont forget your legally entitled to backups of software you own... and since your machine prefers to boot them...
Lazer was cleaned. I did it with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swap. Still nuffin. These games work GREAT on my friends, boot up everytime. Just not on mine for sum reason. and on the outside mine looks better than his too. Could this be a prob with me using A LOT of backups? could it of worn the laser out?

FYI....my motor works GREAT! so it's not that. Any help?
Originally posted by WiseMan@Aug. 08 2002, 7:39 pm

if all fails dont forget your legally entitled to backups of software you own...

Actually, no, you're not, but I don't really want to go in that right now.
Make copies of all of your games, then run it. It sounds like its just a gimped system. No worries, unless you dont know/cant copy your games. Backups are your friend.
A thought could it be that the bios of the gdrom has gone bad? i.e. the software that enables the reading of gd roms. I would tend to think if that went then the cds would still be readable but the gdroms, which require the special bios, would then fail. It is a though because I am not totally certain of the boot process or any fall backs in the boot process.
Well, I don't know how to make backups and from what I hear it takes like a whole day to rip one. Can u still buy Gamesharks new? What's the newest version of em? I got JGR workin by manually turning the gears inside and cleanin everything.....Seaman still doesn't work on my DC though.