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hey guys, I have dial-up ay my dad's, and I use it for SegaNet at my mom's. There's something odd about it though. At my dad's whenever I connect, it's always 26.4 or 24.0 (26.4 is the most common one). However, at my mom's whenever I connect to SegaNet through my DC, it always connects at 31.2k. I decided to test the connection on my computer here at my mom's. I unplugged the cable out of the network card (for my cable modem), then I setup Dial-Up Networking, with my dad's username and login, and connected dialed up. I get a whopping 50k connection! Why is this? Is it the modems (all 56k)? Is it the phone line in my house? Is it the ISP? I don't understand... Is it location related (My dad lives about 20 - 30 minutes south of my mom's)?
It has to do with a bunch of things, phone line quality defnitly matters, the phone number you use to connect to the isp and the time it connects matters
also the modems.. Simply upgrading from a crappy Lucent 56K to a USR 56K upped my connection from about 31.2 to about 49.3 So maybe the modem in the DC isnt as good as the on in the pc?
It's probably a software based modem, whereas the SH-4 does all the work.

so, to get playable speeds, they chopped the speed of several things.

Nothing beats a Hardware based modem. well a Cable/DSL modem, or a T1 or T3 or OC3 connection does
Where are you getting those connection speeds from? Don't always trust the numbers that windows displays. They've been known to be inaccurate.