Divx into VCD?

I reformatted a friend's computer and upgraded from Win98SE to Win2k pro. He once used Nero to convert his divx files into VCDs. It was simple that way.

However, it's only simple when divx is installed properly. <_<

When I installed the same version of Divx http://download.divx.com/divx/DivX51Bundle.exe

The "Divx 5.1 bundle free version" it works perfect on all the machines I tested it on. I have recently installed it on Win98SE, ME, and 2kpro and the same divx file plays great.

When I try to play the exact divx file on my friends Win2k pro machine we only get sound. The video shows if I use the "Divx player" that was installed with the bundle, but not WMP.

How can I get Windows to recognize this Video codec?

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling.

If I can get the file to show in WMP I know Nero will then recognize it to convert it.

Or perhaps someone has a more efficient method of burning divx into VCDs?


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Isn't there a tMPEGenc program or something specifically for that purpose? In any case you tried uninstalling and re-installing the codec(making sure your media player is closed just to be on the safe side)? Also, are you sure it's the correct version of divx? Could it be a divx 3 file, or an xvid file or something?
the problem is, programs like "tMPEGenc" also can't recognize the .avi file as a divx. Only the "divx player 2.x" can play it.

I'll try uninstalling with everything closed. I'm not sure if the media player was left open last time.

I thought the Divx bundle included everything to view previous versions of divx, right?

I wonder if I should try an older version of divx? Maybe v5.05?


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Run Gspot on it (google for it). That will identify the codec used for sure. What I am thinking it could also be is settings in the decoder setup that his computer does not like. Since Divx Player uses internal settings, it might be set up differently. After all, if you have the codec, there's no reason it shouldn't play in any general player like WMP.


Do a google search for Gordian Knot Codec Pack. You might want to pick up the Gordian Knot Ripping program too, since it has many great programs integrated into it.

As posted above, tmpegenc cannot read DIVX avi files. You'll need to frameserve into tmpgenc via virtualdub or avisynth. You'll find more info at dvdrhelp or doom9.net.


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Divx 5 can supposedly play divx 3 stuff I think.... emphasis on supposedly. However, it's best to install divx 5 codec, then after that install a divx 3 codec over it. Hopefully that'll help.

Edit: And I was just referring to the fact that I used to have a program called that, and it would open divx files and numerous other files and gave me a ton of options for setting up the video to make a vcd with.
Thanks for the suggestions and help everybody! I was able to fix the problem.

Using "Gspot" I found out the .avi wasn't a Divx file, it was a "MPEG4" file.

I then downloaded the "Nimo Codec Bundle" version 8000 build, and it installed all of the appropriate codecs.

Thanks to Nimo I can now use Nero! ;-)