Does anyone need saturn modding help?

Like it says, i can help with anything you need... Disregard the fact that I'm a newbie to this board, please >.<

Someone IMed me on AIM and said that there was someone here who needed help with modding their saturn... rather than replying individually to his post (I DID look at it), I figured I would make myself known to anyone else who also may need help.

I'm trying to make an all inclusive saturn mod walkthrough, but as of right now i've only come across three of FIVE differnet models (known to myself) and have only been able to document those three...If someone needs their saturn country modded to play all imports, ie: your home country code and the other two, I can do it. If you email me or contact me on an IM program, and we determine you have a model that I HAVENT come across, then I will offer to do it for free, all except for shipping... if you DON'T have a unique one, then I will charge a simple 20 dollars.

If you are wondering on how to play backups (cdrs) then you need a modboard to do so, and one will usually run you about 20 to 30 bucks, depending on where you get it... has a 21-pin only mod for 30 and has a 20/21 pin mod for 20 bucks (which I have recently ordered too :p im waiting for it to come it to see how well it works) If you want your saturn modded to play backups, you need to purchase the modboard yourself.. I will only install it.

If anyone wants to see the walkthrough so far, here's the rough layout:

Saturn Mod Page

and if that inst proof of my soldering and bilding capabilities, then here are two pics of my latest project:



I'm available.. contact me if anyone is interested.
Ape is right. If you've bought a Lik-Sang mod to put in a 20 pin Saturn, you might be disappointed.

ExCyber and I have been investigating the possibility of using a 21 pin mod in a 20 pin Saturn, but we've hit a snag, and without any new info that's where it will probably stay.
MuttFox: So... what evil things are you planning for your Megadrive carts?

mal: As for "the snag", was that you not having a 20-pin Saturn and me not having a modboard, or were you talking about the clock thing?
Ack well I was under the impression that the lik-sang one was 20/21.. in either case, both saturns i have are 21pin models

The last two of those modboard pictures are the same mods, and hey actually look to have the capacity to be a 20 OR 21 pid board... if you count the holes on the unused half of the board on the botton link of the three, you can see 21 holes.... it just looks like a 21-pin ribbon receptical was never added on, so the 21-pin half is unaccessable.. but then again, i have never seen a 20 pin board either, so I cant say anythign for certain

"Hit a snag"? Is there any documentation online about HOW the saturn can tell a cd isnt an original copy? Like what chips look for what and how they process it? If you found that, im sure it would be pretty easy to jerry-rig a 21-pin board to work... I'll offer my help if anyone has any info..
Originally posted by ExCyber@May 04 2002,01:36

mal: As for "the snag", was that you not having a 20-pin Saturn and me not having a modboard, or were you talking about the clock thing?

Both really.

I've become distracted and now haven't got the money to buy another Saturn and a modboard.

Maybe in a few weeks, and then I can experiment with a different crystal or something. Maybe...

MuttFox, if only there was some documentation about.

ExCyber and I had been comparing where the 20 and 21 pin connectors on the main board went to and came up with some interesting similarities. The Lik-Sang addresses 5 IC pins that both mainboards have in common. That may not make the greatest amount of sense. Try reading through this.

I'd be great if you can help.