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Have any of you played this game? its a pretty good shooter. I'm just wondering, does anyone actually own the real HuCard out there of it? Al I've seen of it was a rom image way back a few years ago. I'd like to track the HuCard down.

Another thing, the Turbografx didnt have a country lockout did it?

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Another thing, the Turbografx didnt have a country lockout did it?

Yes, it does. There are two elements to it that I know of:

1) The data bus is reversed between PCE and TG-16 - i.e. D0 on PCE is D7 on TG-17, D1 became D6, D2 became D5, etc. This problem can be defeated with a number of adapters, the most famous being the Kisado Converter. Unfortunately, word from Turbo Zone Direct is that Dave Shadoff ran out of the connectors needed to make the Kisado Converter, and thus they're no longer being sold.

2) There's also a territory register. As I understand it, though, only American games actually check this. It can be defeated by wiring a switch to one of the CPU pins.

Unfortunately, the turbo express has territorial lockout like excyber described.

You pretty much need the kisado converter since the other "cheaper" converters could not work with Arcade card or arcade card duo (which i believe was the arcade card and system 3.0 if i'm not mistaken?).

But kisado converters are $$$. The last time i saw one (once every year its posted) it went for 150 bucks. I heard someone was going to remanufacture these but excyber said that is not possible.

In other words, you might have to get a Japanese pc engine in order to play download. They do have download 2 which i believe is a Super cd game?

My friend has the kisado converter and boy it works with everything. He has a substantial pc engine/turbo duo collection.

I heard someone was going to remanufacture these but excyber said that is not possible.

It's entirely possible. From what I've heard, the guy that TZD contracts with for repair work was going to make some; presumably the connectors from dead systems could be used. Anyway, the HuCard connector is really just a custom edge card connector, so it would probably be possible to get one of the many companies that makes custom connectors to make an appropriate one. The only big problem with this is that for it to happen, someone's got to absorb the tooling costs (i.e. the initial costs of making molds and other related stuff needed to manufacture the connectors).
I think it's unlikely that they still have the tooling, but I suppose it's possible. Even if they do, though, you'd need to convince them to either sell the tooling to you, or order a big enough quantity of connectors for them to justify setting everything up again. Either way, the cost would probably be comparable to just getting the connector custom-made.
I have DownLoad 2 CD and its the best shooter on the system in my opinion, the music is real hard rock/metal the storyline is cool, and the graphics get really trippy after a couple of levels....tough game......but I beat it.

Awesome game from beginning to end!! Its a shootout against Hitler and his henchmen but unlike youve ever imagined........I dont wanna giva away the whole story, so when you play it youll enjoy it alot more.... :)
Core Grafx along with pc engine are rather common and dont sell for a lot, Turbo CD and Duo on the other hand, thats a completely different story.

So FAKK2, you actually have a CD of download 2? you lucky bastard. Any game with a hardrock metal soundtrack is great, hooks me right into playing, like Lords Of Thunder for example.
Oh yea I have ALL the hard rock/metal shooters for all systems.....My personal favorites are, Download 2, Gate of Thunder, Lords of Thunder, Sapphire, Sol Feace, Last Resort, Steam Hearts (not to havy at times but good never the less), plus I got tons of other shooters that just rule,,,, I only wish I had a 10000000 gig server with a t-3 line so everyone could download everygame I have bin/cue format.... But until then I guess I gotta just do a game at a time.... for now. :( Oh and off the topic but I just bough about 50 more games this weekend, and some were neo geo cds, Im out of Verbatims right now so I gotta wait to see how they are coded, more neo geo cracking to do, yippie!! ;) Oh and if you are waiting for another release, I LOST my .NFO file I made for the last game and I need to remake a whole new one up for the next game unless someone would send me my last .nfo file I made or wait a while longer for me to come up with something new.....later...

EDIT: Got all of my games cracked again now. :) PLUS Fixed the Viewpoint Soundtrack to sound great insead of pure shit on CD. more to come...

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Ok, If you really want the shitty MP3 format you got it. ;)

160 nasty ol kbs comin right up....please email me a username password port and ip address to log into, and all the gate of thunder music is yours..... EMAIL ME.....not reply.....I dont check this board everyday...
Just so long as I get it i'm fine. 160kbps sounds pretty #### good to me actually, and most of my own rips are ripped at 160kbps or 192kbps.