Dreamcast Trobleshoting

My dreamcast can´t read any disc, i don´t know why, the screen stop on Sega Dreamcast logo for a long time and then say the disc its not a dremcast game, but the games is original.

i think is a lens problem...

it only read a few games like quake and PSO.

What can i do?

I really apreciate if anyone help me.

Sorry if i write a bad english.

I´m from Hermosillo, Son. Mexico.


the bad part of this i only have 10 months with the console.

if the lens is dirty how i clean it?

use a q-tip with a bit of cleaning alcohol (only very little), or if you don't have any, try using a small amount of soap water on a q-tip (only moist, not wet), then dry it with a dry q-tip afterwards.
if its only 10 months old did you buy it new?

if so you should still be covered under the warranty (provided you havent modded it or anything like that)
terms and conditions of warranty:

2. this sega product is guaranteed against failure (within the terms of this warranty) for 12 months in the case of consoles or 90 days in the case of periperials from the date of purchase

thats from my warranty card, (in in the uk) so id suggest you check yours if cleaning doesnt help, it gives a number to call as well to claim under it
That's in the UK; in the US 90 days is considered to be a standard warranty for things like VCRs, CD players, video game systems etc...
Nomo, does your DC play Audio CDs ? My DC had a similar problem after only two months from the date of purchase. It suddenly stopped reading any kind of disc.

Try to listen to the noise made by the CD drive. In my DC, if a CD (no matter if it was a data CD or an audio CD) was inserted, it started to spin quickly, then, after a few seconds, it slowed down making a strange noise. Then it started to spin quickly again and then slow again. Finally, the DC said that there was no disc inserted. Fortunately, my DC was still under warranty. I had to replace it completely.
yeah, this is my problem, and yes my dreamcast paly audio cd´s.

what can i do?

How i fix it?

Because i live in Mexico, here no are a sega´s sotre or something, i buy my dreamcast in tucson Az. , and for that reason i can´t send to fix it here.
any new ideas?


My dreamcast dont work ...........

Please i need help.

why i can play music cd's? perfectly

and yes i clean it

i think its a problem of software, of a boot cd... cuz i play a lot of cdr games.

and i dont konw.............. maybe the game software its corrupted by a boot cd :confused:
My friend had this problem, it started as just not working with a copy of NHL2K, then progressed to not working with any game at all.... I simply took the dreamcast apart cleaned out the dust carefully, and manually turned the gears for the GD-ROM lens arm back and forth a few times, put it all back together, and it works fine now....hope that helps : /
You'll probably have to adjust the laser BIAS POT on the GD-ROM drive (can't remember at the moment what the value of the BIAS POT shold be adjusted to...got it written down somewhere...).

If you email me, I'll let you know what value it should be...


You'll need a digital multimeter, a VERY small screwdriver for adjusting the pot and another screwdriver to open your DC with...

Hope yer not squeamish!
send it to a computer-repair guy. I did that with my ps2 and xbox and he fixed it up in a jif. THing is xbox is so much like a computer it was probably easier for him, but you should still give it a shot none the less, amigo.