Dungeon Master Nexus for Sega Saturn - English translation

I made a complete English version of Dungeon Master Nexus for the Sega Saturn console (the original version is Japanese only).
Download full game
Patch (if you want to build your own translated version from the original)

I made my best and I playtested the whole game with the translated version. However neither Japanese nor English is my native language so there might be room for improvement.
Please post your feedback here if you find any kind of typo or poor translation, even if it seems insignificant. Any help is welcome and will be greatly appreciated!

In particular, I'm not 100% comfortable with the current video subtitles. If you can help to transcribe what is said in the videos to Japanese or to improve the English translation, please check these YouTube videos where you can enable the subtitles and check their current state:
Endgame and credits
You can also download the subtitles (including Japanese/romaji/English) from the patch archive (link above)
I've always admired the amazing work the DM community has done to find out you translated this i cant even describe it. with this news especially on the 25th anniversary. I dont care if i have to stapegun cords to walls and hang upside down, I will figure out a way to show this game live. Your a fraking legend TY!!!!
Great stuff! Here's a cheat code which changes the aspect ratio of the 3D graphics (not 2D elements like menus) to 16:9. Credit to @Esppiral for the original cheat code.

Master code
F6000914 C305 B6000B00 0000

160970EE 00C0

Works in Pseudo Saturn Kai via custom codes feature and next version of PSK will have this code :)
@ChristopheF I would also strongly recommend looking at: SEGA Saturn 29th Anniversary Game Competition as this will help spread the word of this project there are prizes which if you dont care you could just donate. You should have awhile to submit, tohugh if you think you can fix the issues you outlined, you could update it and submit it later., i'll be paying closer attention to see if anyone is streaming this and post on the DM forum as soon as i know.
Hot damn! I own the import for my Saturn and have always wanted to play it in English.

I'm loading this translation up right now. Thank you for your hard work!