E-mailing for isos ARGH

hi eveyone

now im not blaming any of u guys on the message boards for this but dammit i keep getting emails from ppl asking for sega cd isos saturn isos etc..

im not quite sure why yall decide to email me but just plz stop it hehe i dont have any isos of any kind or know where to get them part from the ftp part of the board

so if any of u have been emailing me for them STOP !!

part from that eveythings cool



Why do people think that people that run a website will help them burn warez? If this damn asshole ever registers on my site, I'll ban him for no reason at all, except he keeps on asking me how to burn KOF2001 or something for the Dreamcast.
Originally posted by IUG@Mar 2, 2003 @ 04:40 PM

Why do people think that people that run a website will help them burn warez?

because the site has exact instructions on how to burn and rip "warez", plus a means of spreading it around through the use of the FTP forums.
Ah yeah, good point, I forgot about the FTP section of this site.

Well then, to keep my point proven (and to not admit I'm wrong, lol) why can't they just search that section of the site... Yeah... that's what I ment to say.
It's all-or-nothing. Thankfully the level of stupidity isn't as bad as it was, last time around - but you have to expect idiots when you have a board dedicated solely for the proliferation of games (essentially, without cost).

It's like flies to sugar - at the mere mention of FTPs you're begging for idiots to attack you. Proclaim you're a mod, and you're a marked person. I'm a mod (strangely enough) but I'm not a mod of any of the boards, so I've been spared of this.
I'm a mod. I mod the FTP section. I have never had an email requesting a game. Strange but true. (yes, I am perfectly happy with the above situation