Email i got from a rpg maker.

Hmmm.. Seemed beyond a cliche, as RPGs tend to be. Why can't someone do an RPG that's not set in your stereotypical fantasy world? I like playing good ones but you can only put up with the same storylines and characters for so long.. The Midgar parts in FF7 were cool, I'd like to play a whole RPG in a Blade Runner-stylee environment.
Originally posted by Myname@May 13 2002,19:11

I'd like to play a whole RPG in a Blade Runner-stylee environment.

Snatcher and Rise of the Dragon for the Sega CD. I haven't been able to sit down properly with Snatcher, but I love RotD. A little too short though, but otherwise outstanding.

You can pick up the pc version at (abandonware site).
i wanna see some good sci-fi rpg's

Eh... Phantasy Star? Sure, there are fantasy elements, but the overall setting is anything but the traditional "fantasy realm".

I don't have a problem with the traditional fantasy settings, but I do think it would be cool to see RPGs branch out a bit. One thing that I thought would be cool as I was reading this would be something along the lines of an alternate universe industrial revolution where different technologies and devices (e.g. fuel cells or arcologies) caught on and advanced in interesting ways. Anyone know if there's anything along these lines, for consoles or otherwise?
Hes looking for help to design a rpg. Thats what he told me in the email. Im ONLY posting it so IF he comes here he will see some feedback =P

My opinions on this is no comments. Just helping out anyone who needs it
this reminds me of the guy that wanted assistance in translating a game, except he needed help from an experienced coder, hacker, asm hacker, translator, webpage designer, and a few other things...
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You can pick up the pc version at (abandonware site).

Holy crap, why was I not aware of this site? They have Entrepreneur! I wanted that game so bad back in the day but they stopped selling it when the sequel came out (pretty quickly I might add) and I haven't been able to find it since. Happy day! Why do I have to be trapped at school right now? Arrrgh, if it wasn't for my final in 2 hours I'd leave... fastest test ever... yay!

(sorry, unusually happy today since it's pretty much my last day! )