Err, okay, I have another question. :P

Okay, now that I've mastered burning, I need help RIPPING. I want to rip my Radiant SilverGun into ISO format so I can convert it to USA country code.

The problem is that CDRWin simply does not work on my PC. IT JUST WON'T WORK, NO MATTER WHAT I DO. I'm not asking you guys to help me get it to work either. I just want to know if there's a way to make an ISO out of a CD without using CDRWin. I have Nero, EZ CD, and CloneCD. However, I can download pretty much any other software that I might need. I'd prefer to NOT have to use DiscJuggler, but if I must, I must!


if youve followed the tutorial in the misc section and it wont work then you could try ripping it with something that you can, then converting that using isobuster or cdmage to iso format (you need to do that because satconv wont patch a non iso or bin file) then patch that

nb: it is very rare for cdrwin to be unable to rip discs though, even if you cant use it for burning ripping should still work
That's not necessarily true. I find that on my HP CD-Writer 9110, some particular Saturn originals won't rip under CDRWin because it aborts with a read error at the end of the data track. Seems that on these games, the postgap/pregap is formed such that it causes a read error.

My recommendation? Rip a Saturn disc with either Nero or CloneCD (just create an image file in eithe case). Then use the latest BETA version of CDMage to open that image file and resave it as separate iso/wav tracks. Actually, a CloneCD rip doubles as a plain bin/cue (rather, img/cue) set if you create an optional .cue file while reading the disc, so that turns out very nicely.