Finallly got Lunar II ISO - but now have audio sync problems

Well I FINALLY managed to get an ISO of Lunar II that had the audio tracks built in, but when I burned it and stuck it in my CDX the voice over audio sync is a bit off. MAN it is REALLY annoying. I have been trying to download this games for ages, and when I finally get a working copy - it doesn't work completely!

Is there _anything_ I can do to fix this or am I damned to looking for another copy of it elsewhere?
you are either trying to run a PAL game on a ntsc system or ntsc game on a pal system.

no real way to fix that unless you find a 50/60 hz switch mod out.
Well the problem is solved now - I just bought the #### game!

Finally got it off eBay for a steal since it usually goes for upwards of $60, but I fluked into around $30. I'll get it burn it, photocopy the book and then resell it for a profit!

Screw Lunar II FTP #### !
Um no burn sales allowed on ebay or anywhere. GJ that you BOUGHT L2.....but dont post your intentions of burning for profit...