Finally Got DDR: Mario Mix

Today I spent nearly 3 hours cruisin around every video game selling store in the city trying to get my hands on a copy of Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix so I can get my groove on in the Holidays. Alas, every single store was SOLD OUT of the game!!! What was I to do?

A froogle search ended up fruitless, as every online retailer ( , , , and many more) were sold out of the bundle I was after.

I spent the entire day lurking on eBay, repeatedly getting outbid @ the last minute, but I finally got myself a copy for a whopping 125$ (that includes shipping though). I'll post the pics when I get them, this game apparently is discontinued so it will hopefully become a big collectors item one day. Oh yea, In my grief @ electronic boutique (the last store I visited in the city) I decided not to go home empty handed and snagged myself a copy of Mario Strikers. This is gonna be one HELL of a christmas!
I just got one of the second run copies of the game a week or two ago. Apparently, Nintendo isn't going to produce anymore copies other than the remaining ones they had after the game was discontinued, so this game will end up being relatively rare.

- Fuzmeister
My friend Evans got one for us somewhat easily; just walked to the Gamestop, saw there were still 3 left and picked it up for me. What a great friend :)

But, the game isn't worth the $125 you paid for it. It's fun as a rental but not much more than that. It really could have used more minigames and a dozen or so more songs