Finding out what version staurn i have..?

Ok, while I mention earlier about getting a Saturn soon hopefully I am curious about how to tell which version it is, Ive read about the buttons on the console being a slightly different shape but this cant be the only way to tell can it..? lol

Not a serial number somewhere or something..?


If I can only get a Saturn that cant be modded is there a cart out there that allows the use of backups/imports/memory cartridge..? Im new so am unsure what this cartridge is for cos Ive never owned a Saturn.
If the buttons are oval and it has both power and cd-access LEDs, it's probably a 90% chance it's a 20-pin ribbon cable version and cannot be modded, and if the buttons are round it's almost guaranteed to be the 21-pin ribbon cable version which can be modded, but if you want to check to be sure, take out the screws in the bottom and remove the top half of the shell. Then look in the lower right hand side there is a ribbon cable going from the cd-board to the main board. Count the pins on it to see which one you have. Those cartridges can only be used to play imported (different country code) originals, not backups. Some of them add extra graphics ram too for playing a few 2d games and Pro action replay functionality.
Look on the back of the Saturn (where the power/video/etc connectors are).

In the middle, there's a label stating the model #, serial # and manufacture date (month/year).

Give me those and I'll tell you which rev. Saturn you have. :)

(Might be better to email or IM me in this case)
Heres hoping, I just got myself a Saturn with round buttons, boxed and instrustions all look in VERY nice condition, one joypad, 5 games, (Sega Rally, Wipeout, Sega World Wide Soccer 97, Tomb Raider and Virtua Fighter 2) and two demo discs for £29 + P&P, a joypad and light gun are also relatively easy to find too, so Im happy that this can be modded, if by chance its not I dont mind have a nice unmodded one and spending another £20 on one.
I had a problem! I bougt a Saturn one year ago along with a modchip. My Saturn had ROUND buttons. But it had the inside of a 20-pin Saturn, so the modchip wouldn't work.

That was a bummer. I got a quite rare and very annoying sample which looked just like a 21-pin on the outside and a 20-pin on the inside.

Conclusion: I could not mod it.

Beware. Open it and check inside to be certain!
Funny how all alucard needs to do is look at the model/serial # and manufacturing date so I can help him, and he won't even reply to it.
biggest differnces are this

old model has access lights red and green i believe

also came with a bulkier controller. The power and reset buttons are a circular oval , on an angle

model 2 power and reset buttons are actual perfect cicrles and come with the japanese controller (the one every one seems to love)
I hate the jap controller. It feels too small. Plus i got bigger hand so that and the xbox controller feel just right.
I didn't really care for the Japanese or US controllers that were packed with the machine. The only one I really loved was the 3D anaolog controller for NiGHTS. I picked up 5 of them. I hope they last me as long as my machines do.
Really? I have over 60 games and they all work perfectly. You can't use the analog part, you have to use the D-pad. That doesn't mean the 3D game pad doesn't work with the games, just that they're not compatable with the analog stick on it. Only a few games work with the analog part of it. The shape of the controller really fit the hand nice and the d-pad was so perfect.