fun fun game


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The previous one is Touge King The Spirits, known in the USA as High Velocity Mountain Racing Challenge. :)

Cool racer, somewhat slowish framerate but the impression of racing in the mountains is well done nonetheless.

The repetitive texturing on the mountain walls is TKTS's trademark though.


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Ugh, I didn't see there was a second page to this topic already. I'm referring to the last pic of a racer posted on page 1 by vbt.


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It could be High Velocity but it's not this game. It would be too easy. High Velocity don't have a such car. It's not also King the Spirits 2.


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I saw Lupas's game two days ago but I can't find the site which had some pic of it
It seems to be a bubble bobble or snow bros like game
Well it is basically a rip off of snow bros,bubble bobble,and probebly a few others.its a japanese not sure it was released anywhere outside of japan.but i maybe wrong.

right the name of the game is **** **** world.

there that should maybe help.if no one gets it then i guess i picked a shit game,sorry
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that game is a sega game right?

yep it was on the sega megadrive.

i used to own the cart,back when i had a megadrive,but that pic is from a rom.