Funny thing in Street Fighter Alpha 2

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Hi folks,

Yesterday, I was playing SF Alpha 2 as Ken (dressed in white), I won 5 matches in a row and reached the sixth. It was sodom. Just before Sodom arrives on screen, I read "Here comes a new challenger !".

And then (with Sodom's stage in background) Dan arrived and talked to me :

Dan -> Hey blondie, here's a quarter. Get your own moves.

Ken -> Who are you? Do you know the art of fighting?

Dan -> Let's get ready to rummble!

Ken -> After you, ladies first!

And then I had to fight Dan, and when I won, Sodom arrived and the gamed went on in a "normal" way.

Did sth like this ever happen to you ? Do you know which conditions you need to get this funny dialog ? Is it just luck ?


Mid bosses were never a secret. Just get a winning streak with super finishes and you can see them. The only odd thing I have ever seen with SFA2, was playing on a Chinese machine. It was hacked, so people got super powers, and you could play co-operative mode like SFA3. I think me and my friends already beaten the hell out of most fighting games. I think after you get really good, you turn a lot of people off
I noted in SF3, what turns people off the most is when you play them, and you parry all their moves/Supers so they can't do anything to you. This one guy tryed to do seans super hadoken, where it is one shot, but very fast. I parryed it and he was like "what the hell, you can parry those too!?!". These people who like to do fireballs/upercuts are pretty funny too. Whenever you jump in to pass the fireball, just mid-air parry the dragon punch and their strategy goes to hell. Most of the time, they don't know anything else so even after you counter it they keep doing the same tactics.
sf2 is evil.

i remember when video games were fun. then capcom throws this shit at me. i don't think i ever won 1 single round back in the day when it came out. good thing my local hobby store owner kept the chase hq machine around for a while. i could actually beat that.

of course now in retrospect i really enjoy 2d fighters 'cause of the nostalgia value, but i like the samurai showdown series a lot more (sf2 still bugs me come to think of it) especially installment #2 with the sexy cham cham.
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