game shark was made for saturn i should know i have one it has 9999 blocks of space or something like that and it also lets you play import games if you press xyz while the system is booting up
There is a Gameshark for Saturn. I don't know where to find a pic of the box though. AFAIK, it's called Action Replay or Pro Action Replay for every system it's made for; Gameshark is just the name that the North American distributor (Interact) uses.
You don't have to hold xyz to play imports with all of the gamesharks. I believe it's the later ones that you don't have to. I'm not sure about that. But I do know that not all of them require you to hold xyz, as I never hold them down with mine, and it lets me play imports fine. I can probably take a picture of it for you on Sunday or Monday. I only have the GS, no box.

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