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I've downloaded many roms off the net and have always wonderd what the few letters after the roms name mean. For example :-

Zero Tolerance (jue) [x]

Now Ive got a good idea that (jue) means Jap, US or Europe but I dunno what the other letters mean. On some of my others there are also the letters [a], [c], [h1], [h2], [h3], [h4] and sometimes just numbers. Has anyone got an idea of what they mean?


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Those are codes used by Cowering's ROM renaming utilities (GoodNES, GoodGen, GoodPCE, etc.). There's a full list in the documentation, but from what I remember:

A - Alternate version (correct dump, but of another version of the cartridge)

C - Bad checksum (?)

H - Hacked

X - Bad header (?)

! - Verified good dump

A number instead of J, U, or E - Released in another region, most commonly I've seen (4), which I believe normally indicates a Brazil version.

I'm not 100% sure on these. RTFM :).


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Standard Codes:

[a] - Alternate

[ b ] - Bad Dump

[BF] - Bung Fix

[c] - Cracked

[f] - Other Fix

[h] - Hack

[o] - Overdump

[p] - Pirate

[t] - Trained

[T] - Translation

(Unl) - Unlicensed

[x] - Bad Checksum

ZZZ_ - Unclassified

[!] - Verified Good Dump

(???k) - ROM Size

Special Codes:

[C] - Color GameBoy

- Super GameBoy

(M#) - Multilanguage (# of Languages)

[M] - Mono Only (NeoGeo Pocket)

(PC10) - PlayChoice 10 (NES)

(1) - Japan (Genesis)

(4) - USA (Genesis)

(5) - NTSC Only (Genesis)

(8) - PAL Only (Genesis)


(ST) - Sufami Turbo (SNES)

(NP) - Nintendo Power (SNES)

(Adam) - ADAM Version (Coleco)

(PAL) - PAL Video

Country Codes:

(A) - Australian

© - Chinese

(E) - Europe

(F) - French

(FN) - Finland

(G) - German

(GR) - Greece

(HK) - Hong Kong

(I) - Italian

(J) - Japan

(K) - Korean

(NL) - Dutch

(PD) - Public Domain

(S) - Spanish

(SW) - Sweden

(U) - USA

(UK) - England

(Unk) - Unknown Country

(-) - Unknown Country

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