Good Seller/Trader

Okay, I dont see this much in this forum, but you guys should write about your good dealings, so we know who is trustworthy and who isnt..

PrOfUnD Darkness

He is a good seller, just got my NeoGeo CD from him..
well, these are all my completed trades, I don' remember exactly which member I dealt with (I don't even know if an are fromt his board, I think 1, maybe 2 is) so if you know one of these trades is one I did with you, say so.

-First trade was for saturn package from IGC boards from a woman in Quebec.

-Second trade was for a NGPC and games from a guy in Scotland.

-Third trade was for a nomad and saturn games from a guy in the States. (I received his stuff today and I also sent today, so that's pretty much a complete trade once my stuff arrives)

And I also have 2 trades scheduled to happen shortly.
Here are mine:

Morey - My first SX trade. I bought a bunch of Sega Saturn accessories and games from him. He was really nice about everything and even gave me a lot of stuff for free. He even e-mailed me a little while ago just to check if all the stuff I had purchased from him was working correctly. He's really cool, so if he ends up selling anything you want, go for it.

Ratamahatta - He's a staff member here, so it isn't a surprise that he's a good trader. I bought a Dreamcast from him and he gave me a copy of Seaman (which I absolutely love) as well as some CD-Rs. He packs things really well, so if you buy anything from him, expect to receive a little fortress of bubblewrap and cardboard in the mail.
I just sold TJ & Earl to Tripredicus, he sent the money order soooooo fast. he responds to all PMs lightning quick too. great to deal with.

I've also bought items from IceMan2K, and obviously, he's great to deal with too.
I got my Dark Forces from KBW and at a very cheap price. It took him awhile but it was due to personal troubles, which, hopefully, won't happen very often.
As stated above Shar boguht a dreamcast unit off of me and payment was lightning fast. Good buyer for anyone on this site.

A few other people are really good for payments ie: Ragnar 14, Kyosuke.. The other names escape me at the moment. Excellent people to do business with though.

*Just a reminder tothose peopel who have bought items off of me in the last while, you should be receiving your packages shortly.
Since everyone else is doing it.. I might as well do the same

I had an excellent trade experience with cww88. I traded for his Magic Knight Rayearth game. He is a very friendly and cool guy!

I'm now doing another business deal with him and buying some games.
Just recieved Toejam and Earl today, perfect condition, as promised, and Soup sold it to me for 10 dollars less than I was offering to buy it for!

Soup Or Man = Super, man.

good seller.
I recieved payment for Ogre Battle: LE today from Ragnar 14. He even sent cash so I don't have to pay the Checks Cashed place to cash a money order! Yay! He is an awesome buyer!!
As one can note Bugula is an excellent seller.

KBW is also an excellent seller, I bought a bunch of things from him and received them in a timely (and very well packaged) manner.
Norberto is an EXCELLENT seller! I bought the Genesis AV cable from him (which has plugs for red yellow AND white), and he even said he'd send it first. Since I was buying, I told him I'll send first, but he sent it at the same time I sent his money (Tuesday) and I recieved it TODAY (Thursday)! SUPER fast! I tested it on my Genesis and it works like a charm! Thank you Norberto!
BigDAlcala = Excellent. He shipped me my copy of Ogre Battle: Limited Edition nice and quick, plus he refunded me the 25 cents I overpaid and threw in a Basketball rookie card.
Ratamahatta. I just received my copy of Shining Force II from him. Pluses, it's in great shape and arrived nicely packaged up. Minus, it took a looonng time to arrive, I sent him payment sometime early in June and it only arrived now on the 2nd of August. You lazy bum!
I just got my Saturn Package from Fresh Meat and am VERY HAPPY. After the money had been recieved, the package arrived in just 2 days. The items inside also were in great condition.

Overall, an Excellent Dealer.