Good Seller/Trader

SegaFreak comes through again!

Its been 2 great trades now
Just received all my goods from Xai.

Insanely good prices, and everything is in perfect condition. I couldn't have hoped for a better result. He even sent me tracking numbers so I could watch the shipment coming in.

I've never had such a good experience.

Hey, just wanted to add dnguyen800 to the great seller list, and also Scared0o0Rabbit to the great buyers list. And Dibz to the great traders list! And possibly HimuraD if i end up buying from him. If not im sure hes good anyways.
Segasquad got the virtual boy out to me in good time, most of hte delay was my fault anyway with paychecks being several days late (so maybe it was my bosses fault lol). One of the screens inside seems to have a sligh issue, but it's not a big deal cause it doesn't seem to bother me.
solid_snake also r0x my s0x off.

Also, I ordered from jandaman's web page.

Very fast, very organized, very reliable, highly reccommended.

I ordered from him twice already. Great service.

Here's to him staying in business for years to come. :cheers
Originally posted by ratfish@Jul 9, 2003 @ 06:08 AM

Ammut r0x! :devil

I guess it'd be hard to complain when you get free stuff :)

On a similar note ratfish is a good freeloader :p But honestly, hes good to deal with. I'd recommend him to anyone :cool:

Oh yeah, BJammzz and Shitface are great to deal with too.

Give them your money NOW or I'll bitchslap you very hard. :slap
Solid Snake as you can tell from the thread is a very good seller. Reasonable shipping, outstanding packaging. Can't go wrong.
I agree, I have dealt with him, and he was reasonable on price, and got my stuff ontime, thanks again, pleasure doing business with you.

just as long as the right package arrives at the right place ;) . That's not what happened in my case (which resulted in me paying to ship the wrong thing back), but my stuff did eventually arrive (which is more than I can say for many internet transactions I've had in the past).
Hi, I just want to thank Jandaman for excellent service. I ordered two EMS 4-in-1 carts for Saturn. The price was reasonable (not the lowest on internet, but acceptable), the shipping cost was very low (7$). I received package very fast, and both items are brand new and works great.

I do recomment to buy goods from this dude.

Too bad he's not selling PC Comms Link ISA cards or Saturn movie cards.
:D scaredohrabbit is a good dealer...he installed toggle switch on my problems at all...good job...well and shitface.. is good too he was nice to send me saturn stuff for free...
thailees is a good guy to deal with.

Sundance2 is a good dealey-type-guy too.

and I
jandaman's store.