Haha, I finally beat Bangai-O!


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Burned through 43 levels in a couple of days, but took me about 100 efforts to beat the last boss, #### it feels good. By the way, has anybody here managed to read the text in the ending? God knows how fast they think people can read. More to the point, did anyone love the demented 'story' as much as me?
yeah, they been a bit off their gamelately though, stretch panic was too short, and silpheed was underimpressive. irakuga looks sweet though.
How the fguck did you manage do get rid of Black Riki on level 25? That is, the level (or boss?) labelled as "impossible" and "not permitted"?
I've been stuck there for ages.

What I do is first run around the sides of the level wreaking major havoc with all-round attacks. When I fill 5 "combo" bars I head for the boss and unleash an all-round when enough of his missiles are close to me, but then Black Riki's Bangai-O performs a massive all-rounder himself and I'm literally surrounded by heat seekers, meaning instant death, even when chain-all-rounding myself.

Haven't often seen anything so spectacular, btw.

Do I actually need an invincibility icon to beat this boss or should I try again until I get the timing right? ArrGh!!

What beats me, even if the game is sometimes tough to deal with, I always go back to it eventually. Must be a challenge to finish it with the immunity bonus for each level.
If I remember correctly, I didn't do any bosses with invincibility. I think on the ones that counter-attack your counter-attacks, you have to do two counters in a row with exactly the right timing, so as to send the whole lot back to them.
Yeah, I did it!!!

Admittedly, I sorta cheated. I used a technique I call "The Lorenz Attractor Method", which consists of shooting several Riki shots (the homing missiles) just before approaching the boss, so they start hovering around him, but not actually hitting him.

After doing this, I went up for a chat with Black Riki and started a battle. As I expected, he did a massive counter right away, but since I was at a distance I had plenty of time to counter myself.

Seeing him lose energy boosted my morale and I kept countering until he plummeted senseless to the ground.

Great show!!

I was so excited that I went dancing all around the house.

Family must have wondered...
bangai-o doesn't support the vga box


i thought treasure was supposed to be some sort of uber game designer, then they pull this shit on me. good thing i've been playing alot of bust-a-move 4 lately otherwise it woulda been a nightmare trying to find the regualr dc av cable in the over whelming clutter that is my bedroom.
are you using an original of the game? cause i have a backup that doesnt work on a monitor, but thats prolly because its a rip of the pal version.
yes i'm using an original


i've often wondered about hacking ip files to include vga support but this is not the place to discuss it
i dont think the ip files matter, cause its simple to bypass that check by plugging in the vga box like 5 seconds after it boots, but if the game honestly cannot generate a vga signal, you just get black.
so, having finally bought another dreamcast and having burned through levels 14-43 through the course of this weekend i must ask, is the translation on this game awful or is it an acurate translation of complete nonsense. should the title perhaps be "super dadaistic robot, bangai-o", or perhaps "pere-o".

I think the translation is probably accurate, given Treasure's previous 'storylines'. I really like their nonsense.