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The other topic has reminded me about this.

Some of you may have read my 4in1 FAQ on GameFAQ's (I'm told it's on Lik-sang too). Now I had no plans to update, but I've recieved so many little corrections in my email that the time has come.

I want to make this the last one however, so I need your help. Can you guys think of anything I've missed? Overlooked? Anything I've not covered? Or just got wrong?

Any help is appricated.


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Retailers then labeled this

new cart 5in1 because it now had separate modes for 1mb and 4mb, despite the

fact that the packaging said '4in1', and there were still only 4 components.
Actually, the cheat function, region lockout bypass, and save functions are all made possible by the same hardware. From a hardware standpoint the cart's really more like a 3-in-1: Flash, DRAM, and commslink.

-Atlas (1Meg Cart)
That's Atlus.

3.3 Does the cart use compression? I've heard this can corrupt saves...
The presence of compression alone won't corrupt saves on a 4-in-1, because the writing and compression process is completely under the control of the 4-in-1's firmware. Third-party direct save carts had problems because they were interacting with BIOS and game code and weren't 100% compatible with the official save cart.