Hey, Guess whats new....

A new UPDATE Just for you guys here at SegaXtreme and ONLY for a few days....a new TG16CD Release at my site.....No need to tell you where my W W W is.., Im sure you can FIGURE it out. ;) Later guys an gals.....

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Sounds cool FAKK2, do you allow 56k modem users to download off of your ftp? Also I noticed that at your site you said that you have like 900 roms, I can upload the rest for you if you want them, I have the whole GoodPCE set (all 1458 roms).
When it comes to the FTP roms, thats the thing....I dont own it. My main girl Shilo does, when you get to my page scroll down the left side of the screen until you get a pic of a girl....thats Shilos pic, click on it and ask nicely for an account on the FTP, be NICE about it, dont demand or she will ignore ya....just tell her your name and where your from and age stuff like that and shell hook you up no matter what connection your on, but watch out, She has TONS of people on it, so if you get on it be happy you are on 56k cause thats all youre gonna get either way, maby even less since there is soooooo mmany users on at a time... And about how many roms I have on each FTP they ALL need to be updated on my page....Shilo updates so fast I cannot keep up. :) And it appears Wolfran is throwning in the towl on the Emu scene, nobody sends him email saying thanks for the great wonderswan page he did so hes quitting. :p Now its just me and Shilo.....I wonder how long its all going to last....all I ever have time for anymore is releasing CDs, Roms are just everywhere and no-one wants to help me keep them up-to-date. At least all of the roms on my page work. and IF I ever find more ROMS that are not Downloadable on my web page, I hope Ill get those and put them up soon. :)


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Hehe, "This is a VERY TINY game for the Turbo GrafX 16 CD System and is not a good game at all in my opinion..." oh well, snagging it anyway, thanks for another FAST, quality release =)
Cool, Im glad you guys got it, You should also check out my NeoCD Rips also, there going to be great. Since Addams Family is so small Im working on a new game now, expect it within a day or so....most of my releases will go fast like this from now on - hopefully - so I can give more games out faster, that means you guys with 56k modems work fast....or rely on someone here with a FTP and hope they grab it... :) Sorry not to make ya 56kers mad, I was once on 56k and even slower so I know how it is....but I really gotta start movin....