Homemade Live Action RE!?


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That's pretty sweet!

They got pretty detailed

Good for a laugh

Luckly I have the T1 at work so the download isn't as bad


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Some funny/interesting scenes I found were:

  • gay zombie sex in the elevator, a Kodak moment?
  • urinal in the women's restroom??? interesting, did they switch the sign or install a urinal there? haha!
  • attacked by zombie while peeing in the urinal in the women's restroom (gotta love this one)
  • rocket launcher has "infinite" ammo during boss scene??? wow!!!
  • Capcom logo intro used even though it's copyrighted SkyHunter Co, Ltd. 2002 at game title screen
Well, that's an INCREDIBLE game! The graphics are the best in the RE series, I thought it was a CG movie until I saw the blood... well, even Illbleed's blood is better that this. And the camera angles are not very good, but maybe it's the beta or something because it looks like a mix of previous RE games, just to show the new 3D engine, I guess.

Do you know something about the release date? Will the gay scene be censored in Europe? Will the dialogue be as cheesy as always?

And what have they done to Pikachu?????


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Originally posted by IceMan2k@Jan. 03 2003, 8:09 pm

You can dcc it to me too. I'm usually on irc efnet #segaxtreme or #3do

Don't have a clue how to do all that stuff.

I could put it on Kazaa.

Althought it's on my work computer and I won't be there again til Monday


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Yea, I got it but I fell asleep by the time I was going to upload it to my server. hehe

Here we go Download

Thanks to the freak in red
I thought this was kinda funny
But some of the scenes were kinda boring too.

Are there any other vids like this on the net?