Horrible new games

What the hell has posessed Sega to grant license to this slew of shitty new DC games that is erupting month after month. If they had killed the DC a year ago and stopped granting licenses to new games, it could have died an honorable, memorable death.

Now, month after month we're seeing terrible ports of terrible PC hentai games coming to DC with the hentai removed (thus removing what WAS their only purpose for playing the game). Every month there seems to be another three. And of the AVG genre (which tends to be equally shitty), Sentimental Prelude is STILL listed by NEIC as coming soon when they're put 10 new games into production and finished them since starting it.

It pains me to see my favorite little white box being blasted witch crappy porno ports and shoddy AVGs :(
I am not aware of this but let me just say this there are still however some excellent games being released for my all time favorite system ever. Supposedly the next kof should be released for the dreamcast and I have heard rumors more then in one place about the latest snk vs capcom being released for the system. Regardless of all that the dreamcast to most has been more honorable then many other systems which I will not mention due to starting a arguement.
SvC and KOF2003 are just "wish list" items right now. SNK/Playmore has not said anything at all to suggest they are planning to actually release either game, only that they'd like to know what the fans have to say.

So unless those happen, DC will die swamped in porno and AVG games :(

As for those recent shitty AVG titles:


Ai Kagi

White Clover

Pia Carrot 2

Pia Carrot 3

Miss Moonlight

Pandora's Dream

For Symphony

Merge Marginal

My Merry Maybe

Cafe Little Wish


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well your right racket, border down is out, and it looks sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet... I gotta get my copy soon...
I really don't see why you care so much about what games are being released in JAPAN for JAPANESE gamers. It's not like they're releasing the games over here.
i dont really know what AVG means... :blush:

what exactly is wrong with Japanese people anyway?

if it weren't for the Japanese there is quite a multitude of things you would be without. NOT TO MENTION YOUR DREAMCAST.

but for real, how can you just "HATE" an entire race of people?

how many Japanese people do you know? about ZERO i'd say.

personally i know two, who both live in Japan and have come to visit me in Australia. Both were no different from you or me, they just have different culture.
I agree with GameBoy. Japanese games are written in Japanese for Japanese gamers. How the hell do you expect to enjoy a RPG, Dating sim, or Romance Novel (Hentai or not) if you don't know any Japanese at all?!? You probably won’t! Just because Japanese companies don’t produce action-oriented titles that don’t require Japanese (just so you can import them might I add) doesn’t mean it sucks. It just means they don’t give a damn about what you want, and never intended Japanese games for anyone else other than Japanese players.


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Well, this is the worst I have seen here so far, it has people whining because they hate foreign games, and even worse, racial discrimination.
Racial discrimination, Video game discrimination, Banning for no reason, not banning for no reason (Unusual tolerance), Pirating saturn games via FTPs, not having games at all, Comunity FTP rings, managerial changes, managerial revolutions… SX has it all! (Or doesn't have it, depending on how you read it). But after seeing all that crap I've becomed accustomed to it. :) Not supprised anymore!