How about... BUILDING a 4 meg RAM CART? ^_^

How about using a cheap backup save CART, and modifing it buying ram chips and puting them with the adequate wires? I think that if it's storage only and not rom programs are in there, it could be possible? Well, I'm only asking... if someone knows if it's possible, can post something, thanks ^_^

Hey, here where I live these RAM CARTS are really hard to find, don't look at me that way!
doesn't work that way since the address lines and chip pinout are entirely different. you'd have to create a PCB to go with it.
how hard would that be though, if you say had the proper software for laying out the boards and a connection for making them?
DevilKen, caro dices??

Yo no se por cuanto habras visto que vendan los cartuchos de 4 megas de ram .... pero yo el mio me lo compre julio por 3900 pesetas ... un precio que veo mas o menos razonable ... si te interesa pillar uno por el mismo precio, pidelo en ...

Translation :

DevilKen, you said "expensive"??

I don´t know how where have you looking for one of those cartrigdes, but I live in your same country, and I bought in July a 4 meg cartrigde for about 3900 pesetas, a reasonable price ....
Building one would not be cheap. Building 1000 might be tho. Ive been thru that crap before, when I tryed to have some PCB made, and they told me for design and all it would be 300$ for one peice of pcb. Prototyping is not cheap. I know someone who could make the PCB, but you would have to design it. Its still not that easy. You have to figure out the programming of the chip and would have to buy expensive hardware.
By the way they arnt cheap on ebay. If you want, I could order some from lik sang, if I could get some people to picth in, and we could get them for cheaper.
If ten people pitch in $23 each, Including me cause i need one, I can order them from lik-sang. I am a respected seller on ebay if anyone doesnt trust me. Look up the username blocknet. I was going to do this once before but I couldnt get enough people. If you buy just one from lik-sang, its $32 and shipping could take up to a month or more. If I buy 10, I can get them for about 188$, and shipping is 23$. So, if everyone pitches in 23$, that is 230$ and thats enough for me to buy them, and ship them to everyone that has bought one. But that is if you live in the US.
shipping from liksang is reasonable speed wise, i got my stuff within 10 days of ordering from them

just its not cheap for single items

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PCB prototyping can be done professionally a lot cheaper than $300, though you do need to spend more for a solder mask. Places like AP Circuits do reasonably cheap prototypes (though their minimum order is two pieces), I think you could get two RAM cart boards for about $60 from them. However, not only would that end up costing more than buying a RAM cart once you add components, you might also have to get multiple boards made if there is a problem with your layout. The other option is etching boards yourself; basic equipment to do this (not sure how fine traces can get with such a basic setup; I need to do more research) is around $100. While this is definitely more expensive than buying a RAM cart, it could also be used for other projects.
true...u could also make more down the road if one dies on ya that was my plan anyway cause they wont be so easy to find forever ya know.....anyway liksang charges WAY too much for EMS shipping, if they ship sameday like 99% of HK dealers...the ones' in kowloon are usualy speedy btw....then you would have your order in 2-3days TOPS delivered to ur door by usps guy....and shipping on 10 ram carts would be around $15 if they arent tryin to make $$ off shipping...but they are just a group of crooks...find a different HK dealer and you could get em cheaper im sure
i havent given much thought into orderin saturn hardware from kowloon, ill look into it though...usualy to find a respectable dealer over there you have to do a little digging...
little history. i used to own a rom reader i got in china for the snes it allowed me to stick the apparatus into the snes cart slot then the game ontop and on the side i could slide in 3.5 disk saving the games onto 3.5

couldnt we make a something like that entering some sort of reader into the saturn cart slot then having that info piped to disks. or maybe a direct connection to a computer? i dunno kinda off the wall but seems pretty do able and save space would then never be a issue.
in theory it's possible. but the amount of work is ALOT, creating a device and pcbs and an interface and the program, bios etc, it'd be way beyond the average user without a full fledged dev team behind him.