How can I get online?


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Ok, like I've said, I'm getting a Dreamcast in a few months (played it a ton at my cousins's house, Crazy Taxi rocks!! :)) I have a Cable connection, and I hear that the BBA is VERY, VERY rare. So, how am I supposed to play online DC games with the 56k modem that's built in, with a Cable internet connection?

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the above address has the info you require

i cant find the windows 2000 info currently, but i dont know how different the procedure for that is
do I have to do this step everytime I want to play?

Put your Web Browser game into your Dreamcast. (This works with any version) Turn on the Dreamcast, etc etc.

On your computer, make sure that RUNDLL32.EXE is running

On the Dreamcast Web Browser, press CONNECT.

While your Dreamcast is dialing, hurry back to your computer. Press APPLY on the RUNDLL32.EXE Window. Wait for it... the Dreamcast should connect to the internet.

do I have to do that everytime? and it connects through the Cable right? so we can use the phone and everything
i dont know, its on my to do list (along with fixing my dodgy nes carts, and starting again on pso with a different character class (forces are too easy to kill)

id suggest you try it to find out if its necessary

i also dont know if its required to go through the procedure for each os each time (ie win2k and linux might be different in that respect over win 98)
I've got DSL and my provider gives me a totally free dial up account with it. Most DSL and Cable providers do the same. Have you checked?

Lastly, there are not many games that support the BBA anyway...It's relaly not worth hunting down. If you just want it to surf, you would still have to download the BBA Passport and it's not that great of a browser. (It can't download or upload games saves)

PS. I'm sure glad I picked up a BBA when I had the chance. It's gonna be one of those expensive things that collectors go ga-ga over. I even kept the box. I may never sell it though....Q3A just rocks with it.
That's exactly what you do...How did you think it connects? Your DC will even come with a phone cord. Call your ISP and ask for a dial-up number. If it's anything like mine, you should be able to use your login and password with the dial up and thats it...and it should be free since you're already paying for service.

But, of course, it all depends on your ISP. If they can't help, there are FREE internet services (like NetZero) that you can use for online play. Don't ask me about those though, beacuse I don't use them and therfore know nothing about them...
im figuring my chances are reasonable since my modem is an external us robotics , which is what those instructions appear to be tested with

i should be ok to try it next week (ive got more free time then than now)
you think that the AI in NFL and NBA 2k1 is good enough that I don't need Internet play? I'm getting the Sports Bundle (and hopefully with Virtua Fighter 3 :))
Yes! NFL2k1 has great long as you play in either pro or all-pro mode. I have yet to win a game in I suck!
ANYONE with win 98, me, 2k, XP, or Linux can get this to work.

Don't go to the lame dreamcast fun page, go to the original:

With those half of the modems you were taking about, and some games with any modem, you have to do a swap with the phone line, or make/buy a line simulator or something similar so the modem can hear the dial tone first.