How does someone become a more active memeber

ugh some ppl amaze me how naive they are. they is only one way left to be active well to be easily active. read posts and learn your stuff then when you see a question you can answer, answer it and discuss things in the threads. the harder way is to do reviews on games and get game art and such.
why thank you for actually repling, I think i didnt state my question right. What I meant to ask is how do i get to be a moderator or something. whose ass do i have to kiss =]
one you have to be here for a damned long time and now your shit and you have to not make these kinda posts unfortunatly. ???
You could try bribing the existing moderators with cupcakes. Seems to work for some people!
Originally posted by antime@Sep. 20 2002, 11:06 pm

You could try bribing the existing moderators with cupcakes. Seems to work for some people!


I haven't laughed that hard in a while

That thought crossed my mind on an occasion the last day or so
hmmm, you could try being nice in the irc, but everytime I login there seems to be a 24 hours seista going on. Only thing active is tumble weed
i've never actually known anyone who has used sweet-ass as a catch phrase. Hey, gallstaff, when you say it where do you put the emphasis, when i read it, the emphasis gets put on the sw of sweet, then the a of ass.
The epmphesis of sweet ass or the latin phrase (asesous sweatacus) is first put on the sw of sweet as you said so it's like SWWWeet and then on the ss of ass. aSSS! so it's like SWWeet (2 second pause) aSS!
I use to be more acive, but with 3 jobs, a car loan, a student loan and trying to keep my things around the house up and running its hard to be an active member
Originally posted by Gallstaff@Sep. 21 2002, 6:54 pm

yeah dude you havne't been around for a while. You used to be like THE guy here. Now i am


wow I almost laughed even harder there.

Please don't let your "news" posting spree go to your head.

I wouldn't say there is a "the man" here

There's lots of great members here. Although I'm noticing that some are showing their age (or lack thereof) more than others
Note the smiley face, raquet (woah did i get it right?). I was just kidding. Although i think
really works better than
don't you?
Ok videogames um... erm....ok videogame releated to topic: Tennis 2k1 was the shittiest game ever. Get it, tennis, raket. hyuk hyuk hyuk.