How To Fix Your AR4in1 To Work With Vampire Savior


Here is a little Guide on how to fix your AR 4in1 (Some Say AR 5in1) OLD Model

(Yes, there are AR 4in1's out that don't need the fixing stuff), but incase you do have an old model

How do you now if you have an old model, get Vampire Savior, if this game does not run with your AR 4in1 then you need it fixed (your AR 4in1)

And Here is How: :smash

Have Phun

(Dunno Where i found this info, so i noted under the page, that the author cantact me)

Pictures shown are my own pictures.

Till The Next Guide

Thanks for the info !!

Doesn't the AR4in1 also have trouble with the second disk of the d&d game? that's what i've heard....... does this modification work for that game also?

when i get my AR4in1 i'm gonn have to try out this mod !!

...........thanks for the pictures also
I Bought My AR4in1 in Januari 2003 from Lik-Sang.

Must be an old stock then cause Vampire Savior didn't work with it, now with the fix it works

Anyway i think there are still old AR4in1's for sale from some companies

So anyway now the know where to get some info
This is a very handy guide that many people need
Good stuff again Dj
Maybe this should become a sticky
I´ve got mine from national console suport, inc about a month ago it was one of the new PAR+ so no need to "fix" it
The product they are talking about IS the 4in1 Plus. They just haven't been calling it that. The regular 4in1 is not the same. The PAR 4in1 Plus is also often called a 5in1 or an AR 4M Plus. Whatever you call it, it is the one with 5 functions including the extra RAM. NCSX happens to make sure all of their units are either already modified or they modify the carts themselves.
I just bought the 5in1 (which is 4in1 with vampire savior fix) about 2 weeks ago from just waiting till it comes in to try with my new vampire savior that I got off ebay for 19 bucks with box, 4 mb cartidge, and box. I think I got a deal.
Err, I thought I cleared up the naming. 5in1 isn't a fixed 4in1. A 5in1 is the same as a 4in1+ (plus). also known as PAR or AR (Action Replay) Plus. An ordinary 4in1 doesnt have the extra RAM for 1/4MB games. Vamp Saviour requires a 4MB, which the PAR+/5in1/4in1+ (whatever you call it) card provides.
Damn Liksang. Get this: I ordered the 4in1 just twoo weeks ago and they said it works now with vampire savior and then they even changed the hompage to say it works with it, well I got mines in today to only find out it doesn't. Now I gotta get out the soldering gun and get this right.

Thanks for posting the detailed pics of how to fix this.

I bought my 4in1 March 2, 2003

I bet this thing can be edited to play backups just like a modchip, How do I know? I think Datel made a backup playing cartridge in early saturn years and was immediatly taked off shelves.
No that cart was a swapping card the first owner of my Saturn had one of those a Super Strong Magic Card aka Magic Card it slows down the Saturn CD drive speed so that way you can swap cds easily.
Hey thanks for clearing that up, Zheræ, (above response) I mean I searched and searched everywhere about more info about that and I was just stumped on it.

You people at this forum of segaxtreme are the best. I mean never have I seen so many knowledged people in one area, Thanks!


Super Strong Magic Cards, doesn't sound like it works but I bet it did, most of them are probably at the bottom of a landfill by now.